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Wanted List for cash or trade

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I am after the following Netrunner items for trade. I have items for Star Wars, ANET and AGOT




Netrunner playmat Pawn

Netrunner playmat 2013 World Championship Top 16

x2 Making News alt art

x3 Noise alt art

Plugged in Tour Messenger bag

2013 World Championships Messenger bag

World Championship 2012 acrylic  ID's




Alt art : Wyldside x3

Alt art : Milange Mining x2

Alt art : Scorched Earth x3

Alt art : Adonis Campaign x6

Alt art : Datasucker

Alt art : Kate McCaffrey

Alt art : Aesops Pawnshop x3

Alt art : Haas Bioriod

Alt art : Jinteki


Netrunner Corp/Runner Dividers complete set


Season 1 / 2014 Champion playmat

Season 3 / 2013 Champion playmat


Please inquire if you are after anything else

Edited by Daenarys

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Chronos Protocol is unreleased--it's an identity that will be published in a later data pack.

Unless you mean the Alt Art Making News that was given out as a participation prize at the CP events, in which case, why do you want 3?

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Hi, I did indeed mean ' Making News' and i have edited.


I want three because i generally like at least 3 of everything. Either because the games allow such quantity or because i build numerous decks and therefore the more cards the better as i dislike swapping around



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I have:

- 3 Noise in english and 1 in french

- 1 Making News in english and 2 in french.

- Pawn playmat in english and french


In your list of items, I'm interested in Kate. I also look for Gabriel and Eli.


I live in Europe so it might not be easy to trade. Are you going to the Worlds ?

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