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I think I would be more apt to buy these if there was just a deck with Talents. Multiples for common ones, etc. I would probably buy 2 or 3 sets of those.


These seem pointless to me as a GM. Perhaps players can get them and use them.

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The way I see them used is more in con campaign play or very long term games.  For example say you have all of them and are GM'ing at a big con and don't want to go through all the trouble of explaining every talent to people.  They select the pregen you give them it and the corresponding cards so they can read over it while everyone gets set.  Ready set and play.  The other one is a long term campaign with a group where you buy the specializations for your character as a player.  More then likely as time goes on you will dive into other specializations if it is a really long campaign.  Since this would probably be a group you could trust when that game ends you just trade specialization decks with other players at the table and run with it.  If you played many deck building games most of the time you are used to setting up certain cards at like the bottom of your character sheet.  So say a doctor with two ranks of surgeon he just looks see he has the two surgeon cards stacked and he knows what is what.  No page flipping or looking in the book.  That is why there are multiple decks I think because while some talents are in every line (Dedication, grit and/or toughened) they aren't in every line.


That said how much you think this really large deck should be?

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