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Priests: Taal/Rhya.

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I have a few questions regarding playing a priest character.  My long running group has got two new members; a lowly initiate of Taal, and wizard. I've ran with the Wizard career before, so I'm mostly fine with that.

But this is this first game, out of many that had a priest character and we ad hoc'd it a little.


Does a priest start an encounter with his favour at equiliberium or zero? From what I read, it seems that it starts at 0 - and given  the way they cast a Blessing that requires say 7 favour, could take 1 round to invoke then 2+ to curry favour.
Which seems somewhat... useless as Curry Favour essentially takes up their entire round and if it takes 3+ rounds for an action to activate it can mean that its effects are no longer needed.

Is it possible to Curry Favour (perhaps before an encounter begins) without choosing a blessing?

Thirdly, the rules aren't entirely clear: but the way we played it was that stance dictated what god was invoked. So reckless meant it was Taal, and conservative was Rhya: Is this correct, or is he limited to choosing one or the other?


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Power/Favor always moves towards equliribrium (=Willpower) and stays there. by default your Power/Favor amount for use = Willpower.


If you have less Power/Favor than Willpower you will gain 1 Power/Favor.

if you have more Power/Favor than Willpower you will lose 1 Power/Favor (unless you spend 1 manoeuvre to keep it at this lvl).


There are talents for each casting class that increase this by +1 in each direction.


You can always Curry Favour/Channel to gain extra Power/Favor, but if you go over equliribrium (=Willpower) it will start to decay (unless this is prevented by spending 1 manoeuvre)


Casting for wizards:

you need to have the needed amount of power ready to use.


Casting for priests:

you invoke the blessing and put favour tokens on the card. if you have enough favour the blessing is in effect at once.

if you have not enough favour, next round when you refresh favour you instantly spend it automatically towards the completion of the blessing. once enough favour tokens are put on the card, the blessing is in effect and starts recharging like any other action card. now you gain favour again in your favour pool.


I hope this was comprehensible :)


I dont know these particular blessing cards, so I cannot answer your last question.

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So, they start at WP Favour - that makes it a little better I think.

Regarding recharge: the recharge only triggers once the favour has been accumulated and spell is enacted?
The way we palyed it last night was that recharged started at invocation, despite not enough favorur accumulating. He used a 6 recharged token to cast a wall of vines to try trap a powerful NPC -it took a while to get the favour, but in the meantime we had the ability lose a charge.
Was the incorrect?

The last question was for Taal/Rhya. Red side lists Taal and the green Rhya: I don't see any thing in either book regarding having to choose either or - so we were playing it as stance dependent - which imo would seem to fit the fluff and make the priest much more versatile.

*edit* Thanks for the info!

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The blessing only goes off when all the favour has been acumulated, so the recarge tokens does not start to decrease until the blessing has been cast (i.e. when all favour has been acumulated).


Yes, a priest of Rhya/Taal can use both sides. It's one of the really cool perks of that priesthood.

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