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What do I need, and what should I do?

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After my hiatus in Wales, I've returned to a group of friends who want to run WFRP3e again. At the moment we have the Core Box, the Gathering Storm, and the GM toolkit.  


So far, I am thinking of running a single-session scenario. It will most likely be Rough Night at the Three feathers since I really want to try running it. Is it easy to convert, or does someone have a conversion lying around? Then I might want to continue onward with the Enemy Within. 

One player wants to play a Gold Wizard - what would I need for that? Is the Core Set sufficient at the moment or would I be well-advised to purchase Winds of Magic? Are the PODs a must-buy or are their material covered across the many boxsets (The Necromancer and Dreadfleet one excluded)? 


Is the Creature Vault mandatory when planning to run Enemy Within? In terms of the number of enemy tokens, chits, etc. 


Are there any other adventures you would recommend me to run instead of the Enemy Within and Rough Night at the Three Feathers?


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Rough night converts straight up with 3e


Gold wizard will need Winds of Magic Boxed Set, or if you play without the cards, just get the Player's Guide (all of the spells are  printed in there).


RE:  TEW (3rd ed) This scenario comes with everything you need.   


I prefer the creature GUIDE to the vault cards, but I play WFRP3 without chits or cards and just write stuff down or reference the pages in the Handbooks.


Each of the boxed sets have adventures in them.  They're all decent enough, but as typical, require an imaginative GM to bring them alive.  I typically add 3-5 additional NPC personalities to all scenarios






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Thanks for your answer. Glad to know the Enemy Within has everything you need to run it. I was slightly worried it wouldn't have enough components to run the possible combat encounters in the campaign.


I'm pretty sure I bought the Creature Guide PDF via DrivethruRPG a year ago, cause I remember using a few enemies that were not in any of the current products I own. I'll have to check it though. My group will probably want to run with all the components, so I would need the creature vault as well, just in case.

How easy is it to have external sidequests during TEW?  

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