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Is there I proper place to talk about these topics in these forums? You guys are pretty good at staying on topic. Battle Reports is mainly actually battle reports and even reports from tournaments. Organized play where tournament organizers and players post looking for players. and Rules explanations are exactly that. I post on /tg/ regularly but the threads are disappearing faster and faster.

If this is too off topic let me know.

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I have seen many threads in the main forum that suggest opening up the number of forum areas so that the main thread doesn't get overwhelmed by new threads.


I would suggest starting list builds in here as the only busy time this thread forum sees is during tournament time and epic home games. During off tournament season it is pretty dead thread-wise in here.

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Alright here's my list that my roommate wont let me try out because he never wants to play.


HWK-290 Roark Garnet (19)
Blaster Turret (4)
Recon Specialist (3)
X-Wing Biggs Darklighter (25)
R2-F2 (3)
X-Wing Rookie Pilot (21)
R2 (1)
B-Wing Blue Squadron Pilot (22)
B-Wing Crew Upgrade-Intelligence Agent (1+1)

Roark helps my move first but also shoot first. the B-wing will help me make the best decision with this combo with its intel agent. Also he chugs around the map chooting 360.
Biggs protects Roark plus "disrupting focus fire" I know he does this I just don't fully under stand why changing their focus fire to Biggs is disrupting it much. 
Muh Rookie is there for 3 more dice and possibly being able to shoot first as long as Roark is alive.
In previous games I've just thrown things together or just tried out certain upgrades to see how well they worked. This is my first list that I've changed over and over again and am very excited to play. Do you foresee any problems with this list?

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I think I agree with Tiltowait.  Biggs is there for tanking. R2-F2 is great, but you have to commit Biggs' action to it in order to take advantage of it.  None of your other ships really synergize to grant free actions, so I'd probably have Biggs always focusing, so he can use it for defense, if necessary, or offense, if he doesn't use it defensively.


So I'd like to recommend replacing R2-F2 with either:


R5-P9 (spend focus token to recover 1 shield).  If you don't need your focus token with Biggs, you can restore a shield


R2-D2 (after executing green maneuver, recover 1 shield)


Honestly I'd probably go with R2-D2 since Biggs will most likely use his focus token either defensively or shooting.


I'm not a big fan of Intelligence Agent, so I'd take that off the BWing and either go with the FCS as someone mentioned or a Flechette Torpedo to throw onto a Phantom if you run across one.  (how did you manage to get an Intelligence agent on your Bwing anyway?)

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