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Cajun Grognard

GenCon and Runebound

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Oh god Mykul that would be amazing! One of my favorite games and the spirtual successor to the game that got me "into" boardgaming (more like made me aware of it actually, beyond Talisman, BattleTech, and the GW Adeptus stuff there really wasn't much out there then.)

It would be really nice of FFG to create it so that if you still have your Runebound stuff it's not a complete waste the way they did with Descent.

It would sure make a lot more sense than more Talisman stuff. I mean, why remake the inferior predecessor anyway, and if you do at least also have the successor available.....duh!

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Well... hello!!! 

First of all I think a simple reprint after 3 years of inactivity is out of the question for FFG. They just don't do things this way.

A "revised" edition on the other hand seems much more probable to me.

It could have some new artwork in accordance to the refreshed style of the Terinoth line of products, plus a slight twist of the rules that would still make it compatible with the 2nd edition BUT you 'd have to use a conversion kit or different stats or something (so old owners would not complain but still be tempted to buy the new version).

Other than that, I think that with the Witcher adventure game coming out soon (and very probably at GenCon) a new Runebound would be a direct competitor thus a bad commercial choice.

I think Christmas would be a better time to bring out Runebound - that is IF they are planning it at all, of which we have no clue.

And that being said: I WANT A REPRINT NOW PLEEEEEASE!!!! :)   

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