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Best way to print a Home Brew?

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Hey everyone!


What is the best way in your opinion to print a Home Brew that will look exactly like all the original cards for a naked eye?


I tried to look for a good place in my country, but haven't found one, or found someone that charges way too much.


So i thought maybe I sould print it abroad and send it here.




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If you want them as exact size of the official cards, I have NO experience. However someone has made tips available:



But I do have experience with sizes other than official size.

1st off I think there is too much work in getting a homebrew that requires mixing new cards with official cards, so I choose only homebrew that has separate decks. Also I only have done 2nd Ed Talisman, except I have done 4th Ed alternate endings cards that were home designed.

For those alternate ending cards I got a HQ reprint of the official background and printed them exact size, practicing with black and white to get it right. I glued each piece to construction paper and then sleeved them with the official ones. They look really good, but with close examination you can tell them apart, but it works well for drawing one ending.

As for non official cards I get them printed at Artscow when they have sales. I think there is a 20% off with free shipping now. I chose the smallest card size available for Talisman. They do a great print job, but I have been getting 1 card misprinted or error in about every 3 decks I purchase lately. But the cards look great!

As for boards, I go to Office Depot or Office Max and have them print and laminate the boards. I even upsized some boards to a bigger print and those turned out great! So these are just paper that have been laminated. Nice thick lamination. It works well. I been very happy.

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