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First Time Running my Group Through Escape from Mos Shutta

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Well, it was intense. The core problem I came to realize is that I printed off the two extra optional characters (Mathus and Sasha) and made them available in addition to the core four. Out of a group of four the players picked Mathas, 41-VEX, Pash, and Lowhhrick. Then the player using Lowhhrick had a job conflict and couldn't make it, leaving Pash as the only half-capable combatant out of the group.


Normally this would not have been a huge issue as I run my games to be as much roleplay as fighting. There's always ways to get around situations and the beginner adventure gives plenty of them. Trouble is, the character playing Pash decided to be trigger happy and engaged the Spaceport Control droids in combat which almost wiped the party out.


I scaled back the following encounter with the stormtroopers to just one minion group and set it near the water tower to give them some ideas to deal with them without fighting. That didn't go over well as once again Pash shot and then separated from the party. It was once again almost a wipe out; however, Pash figured out he could blast the water tower supports to wash out the stormtroopers and saved the day. On a side note, those troopers are deadly as a minion group!


Finally they used some stealth to bypass the droids guarding Landing Bay Aurek. Once they sneaked aboard the Kryat Fang Mathus sealed the docking ramp shut so the bay droids couldn't join the party. I eliminated the droids in the ship and had only Trex surprise the heroes when they hit the cockpit.


Battle ensued in which Pash once against shot and fled, leaving poor 41-VEX to be manhandled by Trex. With 41-VEX out, Pash returned and got a quality roll that included a triumph which I ruled blasted Trex's heavy blaster pistol out of his claws. It fight went to a brawl, with Mathus fighting with his shock gloves versus Trex's wicked Trandoshan claws. Finally, with Mathus at exactly 0 wound threshold, he scored a quality hit and took Trex out.


The heroes then defeated the TIE Fighters (reduced to one minion group of two) and escaped into hyperspace.


Overall my players, who love WEG d6, said they enjoyed it. The only complaint was the lack of a dodge mechanic which they felt lead to the close calls in combat. Overall though everyone is excited to play through "Long Arm of the Hutt" and then make their own characters for the main campaign.


In summary - As a GM running this boxed set I would not offer the two bonus characters (Mathus and Sasha) again. For a group of four you really need Oskara and Lowhhrick if you plan to run the Stormtrooper scene at full strength. Also, I would emphasize thinking over fighting more. I do that as a GM as-is; it was just bum luck that the person playing Pash decided he wanted to go with a gunslinger roleplay angle.


Overall I give the boxed set a solid four out of five stars as a teaching tool to get players on top of the new rules. In that task it worked very well.

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