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New Zealand

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I was unsure where to post this message, so my apologies if it is in the entirely wrong area.

I live in New Zealand and am looking for a group to play WFRP.

Thought it was possible there was another like me that is active on these boards?


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Best of luck.  Hopefully the RPG hobby is alive and well on the big islands :)


I find it best to recruit players for a "Gaming Group" using commonly played games (D&D/Pathfinder/Fate/etc.) and then you GM WFRP3, get them hooked,and then switch GM's periodically.


At this point in my life, I only recruit players who can also GM.  I've found that it's best for preventing burnout.


You may also want to consider advertising at all local comic shops, all stores where Warhammer Fantasy Battles is played/sold, and be ready to sort through a few people to find the diamonds in the rough  :)


It seems there is no shortage of D&D players..but finding ones that will also play WFRP, and who don't have something wrong in their personality is the hard part ;)


Online gaming is also an option at:  http://ffgvirtualrpg.prediger.at/




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All excellent advice, thanks!

I think I might drop a LFG/LFP advert at the LGS. I would describe it as friendly, but I have no idea!

Where possible I want to play across a table from the other players, and not online. The interactions that this type of gaming organically create are gold to me, and what got me hooked on roleplaying in the beginning.

I'm still convinced there must be another Kiwi on these boards, though...

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