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The Emperor's Edge - An Adventure I've been running

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My sister's group is mostly character's from the Edge (two scoundrels; one a female Han Solo-type, the other a twi'lek gambler), a mercenary soldier with ties to the Rebels, and very young twi'lek mechanic and driver.


Instead of having them play Rebels for the Age of Rebellion starter box, I had them hired to take the listening outpost. Completing that, they went through the computers for any extra information they could give or better yet, sell to the Rebels.

I had them find a small file that they had to slice to unlock. File Name: Project - Emperor's Edge. The file described it as a new Imperial Super-Weapon.
Chik (the mechanic/driver) rolled a Triumph and found a list of names of key individuals who had information about the project.

Taking their notes they made and showing the file to the Rebels, the Valkyries were hired to get more information and look into this project.

After finding out more information after a number of searches for the Imperial officers and staff who knew little bits of the project, they finally got a location - Geonosis. Skirting the edge of the horizon and landing about a mile away from the project site, the group drove to a cliff over-looking the weapon.

Now, imagine an older-model Venator-class Star Destroyer, with a large cylindrical barrel down the center of it. This was apparently the Emperor's Edge. The group sent Chik's mini scout droid P33Ps (Peeps) to investigate. Carefully navigating and staying out of sight, Peeps returned with footage of the Imperials working on a large chunk of crystal, the size of a small hill. They were carving it and lifting it up into the vehicle. After a few days, the Imperials looked like they were ready to launch their ship. The group was then ready to leave to warn the Rebels.

The group thought it was rather ridiculous that the secret weapon was just a big gun. They returned to their ship and left Geonosis. Making their way to a meeting spot outside an asteroid ring, they met up with a small group of Rebels, complete with X-Wings, Y-Wings and two Corellian Corvettes.


They met the Emperor's Edge leaving the planet and opened fire. The Edge launched TIE Interceptors and closed with the two Corvettes, the Venator-class apparently had enhanced shields.


The Valkyries were in their own ship, trying to assist the X-Wings as the Edge aimed itself at one of the Corvettes and looked as if it was preparing to ram...
...and that's when the Emperor's Edge ignited it's weapon... it became a capital-ship sized lightsaber which sliced one of the Corvettes right down the center.


Here is where we ended, the Rebels were routed as X-Wings and Y-Wings (those that were left) fled and the remaining Corvette in full retreat.

Now, the Valkyries are trying to think of a way that they can either destroy the ship with an attack (which doesn't seem likely due to the Edge's superior shields) or find a way on board to destroy it from the inside.

I was just curious on people's thoughts of this and any ideas you could throw at me, even a write up of the Emperor's Edge. I didn't really do ship combat since it was all high-action and narrative.

(Sorry that was so long)

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What about having the characters meet with the rebellion to discuss the situation.While this takes place,the rebellion intercepts a coded transmission.Once cracked,it's learned that the empire is sending a small unit of imperial officers,one commander and a unit of stormtroopers to geonosis to secure the work site and remove all traces of prior activities.The characters decide to book passage to geonosis where they plan to ambush and capture the imperial officers and commander.By doing so,the characters can interrogate them,steal their uniforms,aquire some codes and have them held captive.This allows the characters to steal an imperial shuttle and prepare to meet up with and board the emperor's edge.Also,the characters plant some high explosives aboard the shuttle in case of an emergency.Now,this offers the option of destroying it from the inside,or at least destroying it's shields to give the rebellion some advantage. For any escape,there most likely be additional shuttles or such available that can be used.Now the rebellion prepares to make a direct attack against the emperor's edge once they learn of the characters success and the internal damage done. (This can go in any direction from here.)

Just one idea.


Your adventure sounds great. Hope to know how it ends.

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Note:(I write this on speculation only since i have not seen any material from any product of the age of rebellion.)


Emperor's Edge:  (summary)

Just use the stats for the star destroyer, increase it's shields by 2 or 3 and since it's super weapon can slice through such ships with ease,give the super weapon a base damage of 20 with a critical of 5 and a range of long or extreme and the slow firing quality.


I would be able to better design something if i had seen material from the age of rebellion. Sorry if this info seems a bit inaccurate.

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Last night was the continuation of Emperor's Edge mission.


I used your idea, sithlord71...

The group, with Rebel assistance, ambushed an Imperial Inspection Team. Taking their uniforms, they dressed as a repair and maintenance team. 4 Rebels dressed in the Stormtroopers armor (becoming a minion group) and a male member of the Rebels wore an officer's uniform. My sister's group is all females, so they had their pilot (my NPC character) dress as another officer who was in training. Zubra, the merc soldier remained in her own gear as she was now a personal body guard and the two twi'lek girls (A'lira and Chikka) went along with the idea that they were the technicians.


Arriving, by shuttle on the Emperor's Edge, they had to go under some serious scrutiny. One of the officers made mention that he'd never seen a twi'lek do anything other than dance or serve their masters, which got muted grumblings from Chikka, the 14 year old twi'lek driver and mechanic.


After passing the suspicious questions of the landing detail, the group went into the interior with an escort of 4 stormtroopers, including their own Rebels-in-disguise.


Tonight, we're probably going to conclude this adventure, if they pass through to their goal; destroying the main shields and over-loading the Emperor's "Edge" (what we're referring to as 'the ship-saber')

They've got an attack group heading to intercept them with a flight of X-Wings and Y-Wings (bombing run) and this time, two Corellian Corvettes and a frigate.

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I figured I should finish this thread, since the final mission was last week.


As we left our heroes last time...


Zabrina (Corellian Scoundrel), A'lira (Twi'lek Gamber), Zubra (Merc Solder), and young Chikka (Twi'lek Driver and Mechanic) had found their way on board the Super-weapon "Emperor's Edge". Disguised as an Imperial Tech Squad, they continued into the ship with a squad of 4 Rebels, disguised as Stormtroopers and another group of real Stormtroopers.


They arrived at the technical station for powering up the super-saber. An officer asked what they were there for and they replied that they were called to assist in re-aligning the crystal for the weapon. [3 Threats on a Charm roll by Zabrina]

"I've never heard of any assistance coming." he replied.

"Oh?" said Zabrina "Have you heard of this?"

Zabrina fast-drew her blaster and popped the officer in the chest, followed by a blast from Zubra to make sure he was out of it. The Rebels gave up their ruse and they begin blasting at the stormtroopers taking out half their numbers while A'lira and Chikka made their way to the station for cover.

The station was a console but to get to the over-ride area, Chikka found that she was going to have to squeeze into a duct and patch in from below the floor. "No problem!" she chirped and slipped underneath the panels. A'lira kept watch and made sure to take out a few stormtroopers. One of the Rebels went down in the fight, when another squad of stormtroopers arrived from another corridor. This section of the ship was a T-shaped corridor leading up to a large open circular chamber, which housed the crystal, with two corridors leading off to either side.

The group in combat kept the stormtroopers at bay, Zubra scoring a hit on a stormtrooper who tried to call for help. It wasn't fast enough. The ship was on alert.


"I've got good news and bad news..." Chikka said, sticking her head up through the floorboards.

"Good news first." A'lira begged.

"I can overload the system and cause an energy feedback which will disable this whole weapon and possibly this section of the ship..."

"...and the bad news?" A'lira raised her eyebrow.

"...I'm going to have to go two levels down to do it. You guys will have to get to the ship and get out of here..." Chikka frowned.

Before A'lira could respond, 3 squads [3 groups of 4 stormtrooper minions] entered and started firing.


(I wasn't trying to kill them, but this was a tough challenge - I held a sergeant in reserve in case it was easy)


Zubra auto-fired with her heavy blaster rifle, with Zabrina picking off any wounded. The remaining Rebels were blasted in the volley of fire. A'lira grabbed a stun grenade off of Zubra's belt and hurled it, knocking a large amount of the compacted troopers unconscious. She explained the situation.


Chikka had made up her mind. She had a plan... she entered the bowels of the ship.


Zabrina used her comlink to get ahold of the girl. Her response was interrupted by "I did it!" as a large humming sound was coming from the surrounding weapon chamber. The area where the console was and floorboards went up in a small explosion. They feared the worst. "Wow! That was close! I'm okay! Get to the ship... I have a way out! I think..." another explosion cut them off. [Chikka rolled a success, with lot's of advantage AND a Triumph! - I judged that she figured out the system without any problems and was able to notice escape pods one level from her location - the others didn't know that though, so to up the tension, I cut out Chik's comlink.]


They scrambled back towards their shuttle when a major explosion happened behind them. The entire crystal chamber went up with a WHOOMP! and actually caused the center of the ship to buckle upward and outward, rupturing the ship dramatically. They met with another squad of stormtroopers, but they were mistaken for the original Tech crew and told to run for the escape pods. They commandeered the shuttle and flew out of the hangar while the ship came under fire from the approaching Rebel Corvettes and Frigate. The damage from the explosion disabled the shield systems as well, so the "Emperor's Edge" had no primary weapon or shields.


With concentrated fire and dozens of missiles from attacking Y-Wings, the "Emperor's Edge" ruptured and explosions rippled across it's hull until it went up with a major explosion (with fiery ring flowing outward for effect).


The game ended with the Valkyries, minus one, making it back to the frigate to report in. In the commander's war room, they explained what had happened and their losses; their Rebel squad and their youngest member...


...until A'lira noticed a very grimy-covered twi'lek girl running toward them. The Rebels had just picked up Chikka's escape pod and she escaped injury.


This is where the movie would have ended, with a big group hug and a screen wipe, to credits.



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