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Threat cards with additional threat icons

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Hello all,


If I draw a threat card that has an additional threat icon on it during the exploration phase, do I immediately draw another threat card before resolving the threat cards?


For example, I land on a space with one yellow threat icon and draw a Plague Cultists threat ("During your Exploration phase, this enemy adds a yellow threat icon to its space"). Do I immediately draw another yellow threat card, or do I go to the encounter phase without adding a second threat?

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"Threat icons on cards function similarly to threat icons

on the game board; they force the active player to draw
one additional card during his Draw Threat Cards step,
including the step in which a card containing a threat
icon is placed on a space." (p. 9)


Note though that sometimes you can end up drawing Threat cards outside the Exploration Step (Canoness ability, Webway Portal and the other two roll spaces on the Outer Tier and the two spaces adjacent the Space Hulk space on the Middle Tier, or just an Event from one deck calling for you to draw a card from another deck), those times you wouldn't draw extra card(s).

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