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Campain Book

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They could make it indispensable if they wanted it to.

It could be double sided with one half Rebel, and the other half Empire. In the middle dividing the two sections could be a bunch of reference aids and nice schematics of all the ships.

Another section could Include all the previous published missions in one easy to find place.

Another could be "Flight Training"; a series of entertaining and challenging missions that could be played solo. Great for teaching new people, people who can't find a regular group, or even just practice between sessions.

The biggest draw though would be a full campaign where each win or loss affects the outcome. Set in some distant corner of the Galaxy away from the events of the movies. The Rebels are trying to lead the people of a sector into open revolt against the empire, while the Empire is trying to wipe out the rebel cells. End conditions could range from full imperial victory, to a full rebel victory, to a draw, or somewhere in between.

(Maybe even have a story about your squad mates written by Michael Stackpole...might as well dream big)

It would have rules for pilot advancement, so you can go from a skill 1 rookie up to a skill 9 ace. allow players to pick and choose between different pilot abilities as they gain in skill. Have a plethora of special upgrade cards, (many of which can be used in a tournament.)

Yeah, if they did that, I think it would sell like hot cakes. If the cards were cool enough people would buy it for that alone; or if it had an all in one reference guide included. And if missions highlighted each of the different ships released so far, they could probably move more mini's as well. People would buy ships they might not normally just to have them for the campaign.

I think such a book would be a win win for everyone involved...except for checkbooks.

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