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"Return to Arkham" Encounters

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I was hoping I could find some discussion on this in the Forum, but haven't been able to, so here goes.


For some time, I've been uncomfortable with the fact that Gate Encounters with a Return to Arkham result often do away with a player's opportunity to make a gate-closing check without having to deal with monsters.  This is especially annoying if the encounter is drawn on the back side of the Other World, when it often seems that the player would be better off remaining where he is and returning to his gate normally on the following turn. 


For a while I even wondered if the intent was to allow a player to make such a check immediately on returning to Arkham from this type of encounter; after all, it is very common for Arkham Encounters (especially on expansion boards) to require an Other World encounter during the Arkham Encounters phase, so why not the same in reverse?  However, I've been unable to find any evidence that that was the intent, and if it was not, then allowing an immediate check (though they often fail because sliders have not been changed to the optimal gate-closing setting) will allow gates to be closed/sealed a turn earlier than the rules intended.


Then, a situation came up in a recent game which reminded me that something important has changed since the core game rules were written.  A player with a Return to Arkham result thought that dealing with a monster at his gate immediately would be a better tactical move, but we reminded him that since the large FAQ came out, no combat with monsters on the board is allowed outside the Movement Phase.  Suddenly, a lightbulb went off for me: when the rule about avoiding monsters on the first turn back from Arkham was written, monsters present at the gate on a Return to Arkham result would have had to be dealt with, and that may very well have influenced the wording of the rule.  Given the FAQ change, wouldn't it make more sense to have the returning player entitled to avoid monsters on the first Movement Phase during or after his return to Arkham, rather than on the first turn?  And on the rare occasions when the player is returning in delayed status, the delay could cancel his right to the "avoidance" turn.  I mention this because, as of now, a player on the back side of an Other World who gets a Return to Arkham might almost be returning in delayed status, for all the difference it makes to his efforts to close the gate.


Feedback will be welcome!



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The FAQ actually clarifies what happens when encounters send you to somewhere else where monsters are also present; Kevin changed his mind quite often durng the years about the "shall I fight a monster or not" issue, but that question was specifically linked to Arkham Encounters sending in other Arkham locations. So, I don't see the FAQ as a "change" but as a "finally all cases are covered".


I honestly don't see any reason to change the way it should be played. If you return too early from an OW... well, fighting it's the price you have to pay



EDIT: Hey, this was post # 6000! I'm too talkative!

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