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Can we get some more Gears?

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So considering this game has been out since 2011 can we get some new people to play as? Selling figures as a single character for 5 dollars or 20 for a squad of 4 would be fine by me.


My pick would be Ming, Anthony Carmine, Ben Carmine, and Col Hoffman as a pack.


Next up would be some new locust baddies General Raam, two Theron Elites and a Mauler Elite would be cool to have as-well.


More locust such as the Cyclops, Grenadier, Grenadier Elite, and Sniper.


A Boomer pack with Two Grinders, a Mauler and Butcher.


This way we can get a bit more variety in the models and sadly I don't have the sculpting ability to add a helmet to Bairds figure.

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