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Blackpowder Misfire (Unreliable x) Rules adapted from 1e WFRP

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WFRP3 Misfires (Adapted from WFRP1e “Advanced Misfires”) – 6.15.2014

This rule modifies the original Unreliable X  black powder weapon rules.  Rather than always backfiring, roll a single purple challenge die and consult the table below.


BLANK = Click, fizzle!  Charge fails to ignite; rotten powder; reload required.

X = Crunch!  Weapon jams and charge fails to ignite. Two consecutive successful (1d) Weapon skill, Engineering, or applicable Tradecrafting skill check required to repair.  Chaos star on repair check causes additional purple to subsequent checks.  Two chaos stars on same roll destroys the weapon and causes 2 wounds to the gunsmith (bypassing soak and Toughness).

XX = Slow burn, or ‘hang fire.’ The priming goes off but nothing else seems to happen. However the weapon fires in the following round. Re-roll the attack in the following round with an additional purple
challenge die. Depending on the player’s action in the following round, the gunner may need to make a Discipline or Intuition (0d) check to avoid shooting himself or another person accidentally.

BANE = Flash in the pan. The powder around the touch hole ignites in a bright flash, but the gun does not go off. The gun must be re-primed before it can be fired again. Reload maneuver required.  Gunner must make a Discipline (0d) check or suffer an additional purple challenge die to their next shot attempt due to nervousness about the re-primed shot.

BANE+BANE = Backfire! The powder catches, but the shot is either insufficiently wadded or a little too small for the barrel. The net result is the heat of the burning powder welds the shot into the barrel and causes damage to the gunner equal to its Unreliable Rating, bypassing soak and toughness.  The weapon is now useless until repaired (see above) and will always be Poor-quality after that.

CHAOS STAR = Weapon explodes!  User takes hits equal to its DR bypassing gunner’s soak value and Toughness, weapon destroyed.



WFRP3 Unreliable Rules:

Unreliable X: These weapons are often experimental or otherwise not to be trusted. If the weapon is a blackpowder weapon, it backfires or explodes [uSE CHART ABOVE] if at least as many * Chaos Star symbols are rolled equal to the item’s Unreliable rating. When this is triggered, the item inflicts wounds equal to its Unreliable rating to the wielder, bypassing the wielder’s soak value and Toughness. The weapon is unusable until repaired...This is in addition to any other effects.


Poor-quality weapons that are also unreliable are even more dangerous! Whenever a * Chaos Star is rolled on an attack with a poor-quality Unreliable weapon, add * Chaos star to the results pool before checking for failure. (So a poor quality Unreliable 2 weapon would malfunction on a roll of a single * Chaos Star.)


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