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XG-1 "Star Wing" Assault Gunboat Thread

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1 hour ago, player2072913 said:

@Arma Quattro

@FTS Gecko

Great to meet you guys and Alex Davy today. Euros where a blast. 

Hey there playernumberthisthatandthatothertoo ?

Glad to meet you and thanks again for allowing me to play against Alex! 

If we meet again first round of drinks is on me. ^_^

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Definitely the UK Game Expo was an astonishing experience.  ^_^

Quick resume of it:

- xwing European championship 

Went 4-1 and almost made until I found Dash, my bane. Ended 4-3. -_- oh well.. went to hangar bay where  I had such a great time (and lots of fun) fighting  tight matches against very skilled opponents.

- Team Epic:

A bit fuzzy-handled situation led to a delay which limited the time available for play. Initially we were meant to play two matches to determine the prizes but we ended playing just one, getting both the epic movement template and the acrylic shield tokens. Not too bad,  I'd say!  ^_^

 I so love Epic. :D

- X-Wing 2.0 with Alex Davy

Great time trying out the new stuff from the rebel conversion kit. 

Played a 4 ship swarm with Corran, Thane, Arvel Crynid and Airen Cracken against luke wedge and Norra 

So far I think it is awesome and it is exactly what this game needed, yet I won't get into details now. ;)


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16 minutes ago, Arma Quattro said:


We have plenty of pictures. Spam at will.  ?

That won't be necessary Director, we need a statement not a manifesto.

Edit:  Oh go on then


Edit 2:  Slightly unfortunate angle on that Raider...

Edited by FTS Gecko

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