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XG-1 "Star Wing" Assault Gunboat Thread

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Hell, my dream campaign would factor in logistics, search and rescue, injured/KIA/captive pilots, factors of relying on convoys and carriers (imperial mainly, but not exclusively) Base evacuations (rebels mainly, not exclusively) etc. TIE Fighters and Interceptors are very efficient up until they can't get to where they need to be, K-wings, some Z-95s too.

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The Punisher design is the TIE Interdictor, though. The first time I saw it, I assumed the heavy pod config was due to generators/etc for a micro gravwell system.

The TIE Interdictor doesn't have gravity-well generators--that's the Interdictor Cruiser. The confusing names is one possible reason FFG renamed the fighter.


I'm saying, when FFG finally starts doing Clone Wars stuff, they're going to just add Republic and CIS subfactions to the game.

FFG has said over and over that it's not going to happen. The new movies add more material, which makes it less likely that they'll need to do it. And Disney's marketing push makes it clear that they're focusing on Rebels and the new trilogy, and... let's say setting aside the prequel trilogy.

So while I won't say "never", I think it's very unlikely that we'll see the Clone Wars represented in X-wing Miniatures.

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"Forge the Narrative"


Whoever first coined that phrase deserves to be bought a beer, or several.

What if under 21?

Or dead?


I'm european, we drink at 16+ typically.


Also, would pour beer on the grave. Like a boss.




I don't believe FFG when they say never either, but it would be messier than any previous faction update.

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For what it's worth?  I'm still crossing my fingers for this one.


Like many of you, I spent a huge amount of time playing X-Wing, TIE Fighter, and X-Wing Alliance.  And the ships included in those games - including the TIE Defender, the Z-95, and the Assault Gunboat - all have that "true" Star Wars feel to them.  Unlike the TIE Phantom, TIE Punisher, Decimator, Raider, K-Wing, etc.


In fact, the Assault Gunboat is the ONLY starfighter I'm still waiting on...


(...although the R-41 Starchaser might pique my interest as well.)


I'm pretty much in the same (Gun)boat.


In fact, having overdosed on plastic crack following the release of Wave 7 (seriously, last night I was like Al Pacino at the end of Scarface, just with X-Wing tokens and upgrade cards instead of mounds of white powder), I'm seriously contemplating holding off from future purchases until we see FFG bite the bullet and finally give us our Cygnus Spaceworks playthings.

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Too bad on the named pilots, we'll have to find some new ones.

Rho group pilot? (I know, gunboat guys want it, but I'm convinced we should settle for Nu, leave Mu for the missileboat, and take some weapon name for the other generic. Also, I'm saving Eta for the Avenger, I think I remember some z-ETA avengers)

Then some cool callsigns, lets see...




Any Star wars two headed monsters?

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