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Blanking Limited Locations and Price of War

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Hi guys,


I'm wondering if this is possible, scenarios are the following:


Say, I have Meera or Nightmares and I get to blank a location say one of the fiefdoms.

Since those locations are limited and now blanked (hence considered as non-limited now?), could I use price of war to discard the blanked location?


Card Text as follows:

Meera Reed:

Any Phase: Bring Meera Reed out of Shadows and into play by paying the rest of her gold cost. Then choose 1 non-plot card (2 instead if it is Winter) and treat its printed text box as if it were blank until the end of the phase.



Any Phase: Choose 1 character or 1 location. Until the end of the phase, treat the printed text box of that character or location as though it were blank.


Price of War:

Response: After you win a Military challenge in which you control at least 1 attacking War character, choose and discard from play up to 2 non-limited locations controlled by the losing opponent. (Limit 1 per round.)


As I understand correctly, blanking affects keywords... and limited is a keyword right?


Thanks for all the help! :D




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Thank you for that... just an additional related question


What if I use Frozen Solid on the said "blanked" limited location, would Frozen Solid take effect still after the phase? or will it be discarded?


Frozen Solid Text:

House Stark only.Attach to a non-limited location or attachment.Treat attached card as though its printed text box were blank.

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The short answer is yes, Frozen Solid stays on and continues to blank the (otherwise) limited location.

The explanation is a little funky, but here goes: As described above, when Meera or Nightmares blanks the location, it becomes "non-limited." That allows you to put Frozen Solid on it. Now there are TWO fully functioning blanking effects. Seems redundant, right? Well, at the end of the phase, the Meera/Nightmares blanking effect wears off, but the Frozen Solid blanking effect is still going strong. Because of this, there is never a time when the location gets its text back to become "limited" again and knock Frozen Solid off.

It's worth noting you can achieve something similar with "No attachments" characters, Meera/Nightmares, and Milk of the Poppy.

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