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Ideas to make WHI more popular

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I am not sure how popular WHI in US and other countries but in UK players should "hunt" other players for an occasionally game if you would like to play. I just would have some question why FFG does not invest into some marketing to make these grate game more popular.




1. Why they haven't got some starter pack for totally new players? What I mean it would be possible to create pre-build homogen race packs with the race capital for a reasonable price (somewhere between price of a battle pack and an expansion pack)? Probably new players would consider buying a core set after couple of games with a friend. I would.




2. I definitely would buy also a smart looking profesional software (even offline one) about the WHI. Like Magic has some. Ages ago that was my first time how I've met with CTG, LCG, or trading card games and through that one I started to play different card games and getting be more interested about those.




3. I know WHI is not Magic and they wouldn't like to follow that business mentality but some rare cards would be really good for the game. I do not necessary mean to make unique cards but they can put in the market kind of booster pack with high value cards. Everybody can have them but those can cost more? I am not sure many of us would like this. :D Just a thought. ;)



Let’s crack on with the arguments guys. :)

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