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Which is more Competitive?

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Just looking for some opinions. Which would you rather fly or which would be harder to fly against?


A) Chewie w/ Predator + Luke + Falcon Title + Engine Upgrade (57)

    Blue Sqd Pilot (22)

    Rookie Pilot (21)

Total 100pts


B) Chewie w/ Predator + Luke + C3PO + Falcon Title + Engine Upgrade (60)

    Bandit Sqd Pilot w/ Hull Upgrade (15)

    Bandit Sqd Pilot x 2 (12 x 2)

Total 99pts


I've flown A) a number of times and I've won 7 out of 9 games with it. I like it a lot but I felt that it could be improved abit more hence B). So far I've flown the second list once against a 6 ship Tie swarm and it did surprisingly well. Of course the Bandits did not survive the swarm but they helped bring down Howlrunner and damage a few Ties. By the time they were gone it was down to Chewie with 11hp against a handful of Academies. He took them out 1 by 1 without being shot back in return (EU and C3PO are life savers) which led to my opponent conceding.


So the question in my mind is which list will serve me better in a tournament?

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