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Reinforce clarification

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Ships with the action icon in their action bar may perform
the reinforce action. To perform this action, place one
reinforce token next to either the fore or aft section of the ship.

When a ship with a reinforce token is defending, the reinforce
token adds one result to its defense roll, but only if that token
is assigned to the targeted section.
This effect does not spend the reinforce token; thus, a reinforce token can
provide this effect for multiple attacks during a single round.
During the End phase, remove all reinforce tokens along with focus and
evade tokens.


So my question is....since the Transport does not get a defense roll, does that mean when reinforced, it automatically evades one hit from every attack? 

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Yes. So long as it's on the section being attacked.

If you take a bright hope title I believe is called you can prevent two dmg per attack so long as they target that section.

The transport has no evade dice, but it still gets dice for range and obstacles

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Mission H3 is what we played.  That just gives the transport Reinforce from the escort ship.  Since he only ever had range to aft section, I kept it there.


He took two Tie bombers, Vader and another Tie Advanced.  After 4 turns, he blew his missiles.  So not much to shoot at.  I had started in bad position to shoot back with my escorts but they were getting into shooting arc finally when we called it. 


Thanks for the clarify

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