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Which Characters would you to add or remove?

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^I tried looking for the poll option but coudn't find a way to implement one.


I really want to see the Dark Elf make its entrance.  They're a race featured in so many fantasy worlds under different iterations: Warhammer, Tolkien, Forgotten Realms, Marvel's Thor.  I would like to see a 4th edition.



As for my Elimination thread, it shouldn't really be that complicated than what it is made out to be, it's just copy the last posted list, paste it, modify the points, and post.  That game has been done plenty of times on forums before with no problems, and considering we're complexed gamers I thought this would be a non-issue.  More revealing if there were more active members participating.  Anyway sorry for the off topic,

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I'm surprised Golem receives no love.  I liked the character they had in the videogame Dragon Age, thought it would be very different from having another typical human character.


Down with Timescape!


Not surprised that Yeti, Kabuki, Tengu are voted down.  Those characters plus Rakshasa, Gorgon, Succubus, you have to do some research a bit on Google to find out what they are.  I didn't know Medusa had her own species.  I also think the Tiger version of Rakshasa could be D&D copyrighted or I could be wrong.


Halfling (thank you Hobbit) & Barbarian currently share the lead.  Most of the old Characters getting are backed right now except Skaven.  I'm surprise people like the Scout, I hate his face, don't remember his game mechanic, to me he's just not unique enough, just another human.

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After 25 votes:


Current Top 10:


  1. Halfling
  2. Dark Elf
  3. Barbarian
  4. Orc
  5. Shaman
  6. Pirate
  7. Centaur
  8. Scout
  9. Ninja
  10. Crusader


Current Bottom 10:

  1. Chainsaw Warrior
  2. Space Marine
  3. Space Pirate
  4. Kabuki
  5. Astronaut
  6. Cyborg
  7. Scientist
  8. Rock Golem
  9. Astropath
  10. Yeti

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After seeing the bottom 10 I want to cry.

Especially Astropath... one of the greatest characters, and the only character in my Timescape 4th RE version that didn't start with any fate points.

From that top 10 list I wouldn't want to see a halfling. Halflings are meant to stay and die in their homes.

Barbarian... Barbarians are stupid idiots, and they only think about fighting and killing. I don't think Conan would ever care about some kind of magic crown... at best he would just throw it at someone (or not, for hurting people he has a long sword).

To troll a bit, I would love to see the Mime character!

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