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Theon Greyjoy card issue

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Hell everyone,


A question concerning Theon Greyjoy card! This is the description on the card:


Strength: 2

If defending a Stronghold/Castle, this card gains +1 Combat Strength and a Sword icon.


Why would I want a sword icon if I'm DEFENDING? Besides '+1', that ability is completely useless. Has anyone ever questioned it or thought of any way around?

We've thought of two possibilities to work it around:


a) In this special case, the sword icon DOES destroy an enemy's unit, even though you're defending. We're kinda assuming it's a special ability.


b) Simply replace "sword" by "fortification", as it's what really works if you're defending.



Any other idea is very welcome!


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The sword icon and fortification icons have nothing to with being the attacker or defender.  If you win the battle, regardless of being the attacker or defender, the sword icon will kill an enemy unit unless the losing player has a fortification icon to counter it.


For reference refer to step three of the combat section in the rulebook (p.19).

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Just downloaded the rules in English and you're correct, which means there's a mistake (probably related to translation) in the Brazilian rulebook. It clearly says that only the attacker (not the winner) should take swords into account and the defender should care for fortifications only. No wonder anyone (at least not on English forums) has ever complained about that card before.


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Sword Icons are only playable as the Attacker, not the Defender.  I can understand the printed error in this card, however there must be some reasoning behind the Sword icons being used as a Special Text Ability, any official ruling would be great.

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Rulebook, Page 19, Under "Combat Resolution"


2. Casualties


Only the defeated player takes casualties in combat. Casualties
are determined as follows:


1. Victor’s Sword Icon: Count the number of Swords icons
on the victor’s House card.


2. Defeated Player’s Fortification Icons: Count the number
of Fortification icons on the defeated player’s House card.


3. Defeated Player Suffers Casualties: The defeated
player must destroy one unit in the embattled area for each
Sword icon of the victorious player minus the number of
Fortification icons of the defeated player (if the result is zero
or less, the defender takes no casualties).


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