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Gamma, Gamma, Gamma (A Guard after Midnight) Imdaar II the return

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Ran a tweaked list from last tourny. I dropped the Seismic charges and Soontir Fel to run this.


Gamma Sq Pilot, Proton Bombs, Flachette Torpedoes X3

Royal Guard Pilot, Push The Limit


Game 1

Against a Guy from our local Game club, not played too many games but knew how to fly well enough. He ran


Ibitisam, Marksmanship

Wedge, Marksmanship

Biggs, R2D2


Think there were torps on there too but weren't fired.


Started well enough, with Biggs being targeted with Flachettes (might as well if have to shoot at him anyway) took a bit of damage to bomber #1 and then came my chance, his B was on an asteroid and Wedge had just K turned, so knew they'd be in range so dropped all 3 Proton Bombs and hoped 5 K turning away. B did move in range of 2 bombs, Biggs bit the big one from 1 to finish him off and Wedge flew right into the middle of them all and boom he's gone.

so still 4 ships all with shots on the B and one of his Crits? Blinded Pilot, that's right roll no attack dice. 1 Hull and all Shields in tact he lost 4 shields to the guard and the bombers finished him nicely.

Win 99-0


Game 2

Played a mate played before and helped him choose list. He ran

Outer Rim Smuggler X2

Blue Sq Pilot X2


Thought my game was up here, but after first round of shooting had suffered no damage and taken 1 Smugglers Shields and 1 hull down, rest of his team turned at me and I took a couple of hits after finishing the damaged smuggler off. Next round I used torps on B wings and got myself in position again, his ships moved into range and Bombs dropped again, one B wing went pop and the other took 2 hits, so was down to 1 shield and 1 hull. remaining smuggler also took one hit and reduced primary weapon.

The B went in next shooting and Smuggler went soon after, again without losing a ship. I knew this couldn't last.

Win 98-0


Game 3

Played someone I didn't know who since have talked to a bit on FB.

He ran:-

Prototype Pilot X2

Rookie Pilot X2

Rebel Operative, Recon Specialist, Blaster Turret


Interesting list, but lower pilot skill gave me slight upper hand. Cagey start and flew round an asteroid a bit taking pot shots at each other, flachettes went but nothing major. Now I'm kind of hazy on this one but he was taking notes so dude if you read this and I have details wrong please correct!

Again ships flew in behind my bombers so they were deployed and took out 2 or 3 ships. A wing for sure and an X wing, but can't remember the 3rd or whether I dropped one bomb at a different time. lost one of the bombers though, until I managed to get enough damage and take out the rest of the team.

Win 99-25


Game 4

Vs a Tie Swarm

Howlrunner, Swarm Tactics


Black Sq pilot, swarm tactics

Academy Pilot X4


I knew this would be tough, there are a lot of hits to soak up before getting in bomb position. Dice had been kind so far too so that wouldn't last either, so went cagey and defensive. until ended up in near joust. lots of dice rolled without doing much damage although Flachettes stressed a coulple. A tactical bump from me went wrong and I lost a bomber without dropping his bomb, but I read the next move and there was much rejoicing when Howl dropped in on top of the bombs and went pop, along with 2 academies and 1 damage to Black Sq pilot. Having initiative looked to be helping at this stage, but after stupid flying I lost the Guard. This was a blow as his damage power could have turned the game, came down to Black Sq pilot and one bomber both with damage. I faced a choice, try and run for 10 mins or go for the kill knowing his higher defence dice was in his favour. the evades being thrown on there didn't help me much either and came down to one attack roll with 2 dice against his 5, I had a target lock and rolled one hit. thought about it and didn't use it mainly because he had 5 dice and while it happens had a feeling he wouldn't roll blanks, he didn't and rolled 2 hits on attack and mine whiffed, all blanks to finish off the remaining 2 hull. Tough game!

Loss 84-100


So came second on damage points, very happy with that! final was to be against guy with swarm and after boiling all day we decided we would call it a day he had a long journey home and I had family to get back to. Also 3rd and 4th were happy to be able to open ships themselves.


Great tournament, with a great bunch there was only one argument there and that was between friends (so does that count?) very much a "fly casual" day and played against great people.

The bombs made the difference for me, especially as people forgot about them. I did try to help that with saying them before Flachettes when talking through my list but hey, lets face it my squad relies heavily on them and get the feeling it won't work again, ever!

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Those Proton Bombs are the small ones?  Huh.


They do seem powerful.

They're the ones that deal a face up damage card to ships in range 1.

Totally ignores shields so 3 means instant death to a lot of ships

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I like your idea with the list above though I really hate running 3 bombers when can get 4 into a list. Your story write up above is good, I am going to try this list out soon.

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This is one of the lists I came up with... **** you copying me!

Gonna run it on Thursday as practice for an imdaar on Saturday :D

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Is a fun list to fly, takes a few hits too which is always good!

Surprising how many people were scared of it after a few games though,

they just wanted to avoid me! That might be more about my personality though to be fair!

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