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So I am doing a series of interrogations conducted in an investigation due to the fact the group killed an Inquisitor. He was obviously corrupt but he was still an Inquisitor. These interviews will be used as evidence in their trial. I did the first one and thought it was cool. If people are interested I will post the rest as I do them.

Interrogation of Subjects Involved in Inquisitorial Incident 2412/XBT/IIIV “Termination of Inquisitor Favenro without prior authorization”.
Interrogating Officer: Arbites Lehana Quartez
Subject: Shina Raine
Location: Arbites interrogation cells of Port Wander
Notes: Contact Sisterhood, no records of a transfer to Inquisitor Severus, Shiana Raine is reported missing presumed dead after Aryus One Uprising (report ref: A1X/Mal/KT21447). Appearance here implies she is AWOL.

Arbites Lehana Quartez: Hello, my name is Lehana Quartez. Before we start I need you to please state your name and what you do for the record.
Shiana Raine: Greetings. My name is Sister Shiana Raine. I serve Inquisitor Severus of the Ordo Malleus.
Arbites Lehana Quartez: Sister? In what Order do you serve Sister Raine?
Shiana Raine: I served in The Order of the Grey Shroud, a Lesser Militant Order that was destroyed on Aryus One some years ago.
Arbites Lehana Quartez: Interesting. Can you state for the record why you were on Port Wander?
Shiana Raine: I was in Port Wander because our quarry was also there.
Arbites Lehana Quartez: I'm going to need more detail than that I'm afraid. Please tell me the name of the quarry and why you were pursuing them.
Shiana Raine: As you wish. [PAUSE] We were in pursuit of conspirators who were undertaking a plot which at the time we knew was designed to bring about the destruction and potential warp-based Xenos invasion of dozens if not hundreds of worlds. [sUBJECT CLEARS THROAT] It involves the creation, distribution and spread of statues in which were housed foul crystals containing the souls of the Yu'vath, a warp-tainted Xenos species long thought defeated. There were many conspirators. They were spread across the world's that they intended to plant these hideous statues upon. House Vesna of Cantus were one - secretly given to the worship of the Dark Gods. I was held captive by them for near a day, and I seen the full horror of their depravity first hand. It was after that encounter that we learned of the involvement of Inquisitor Favenro. [PAUSE] Inquisitor Favenro, we later learned and pieced together, was at the heart of the spider's web. He had cultivated cults; made deals with men of fortune who were happy to transport these statues and sought to make bargains with those who have turned from the Emperor's Light.
Arbites Lehana Quartez: So you were given instructions to come to Port Wander to kill Inquisitor Favenro then?
Shiana Raine: No. We were given instructions to go to Port Wander and discover who else was involved in the plot. Primarily, we wanted to know where the crystals were coming from, who was supplying them and where they were intended for.
Arbites Lehana Quartez: How did you learn of Inquisitor Favenro to begin with?
Shiana Raine: One of his key agents personally rescued the Vesnas from Cantus. We seen him do this; and managed to identify him as Inquisitor Favenro's adept. Darial Xanthus. The man I later apprehended in Port Wander.
Arbites Lehana Quartez: What do you mean rescued?
Shiana Raine: On Cantus we were beginning to investigate some of the symptoms that the spread of this conspiracy had caused. We had investigated House Vesna, and discovered what they were doing. Once we were sure that they were heretics, we obtained the aid of the Adeptus Arbites and the Adepta Sororitas on Cantus and made our move. Once we had captured them, we took them to the Arbites Precinct for interrogation. This was later interrupted by Darial Xanthus, who was granted the authority to take the prisoners with him off world by Inquisitor Favenro. This both stifled our immediate investigation but also alerted us to Inquisitor Favenro's involvement. We were unable to stop it happening, however, as we had no immediate proof to hand. Nor did we have our Inquisitor's presence; so Favenro's request took priority over our own.
Arbites Lehana Quartez: So he transferred the prisoners to his custody. This painted him as a heretic to your team?
Shiana Raine: No - but it certainly suggested it. Between the speed of his intervention and its very tone, there was no question that something was deeply wrong. I am a Sister of Battle, m'am, so I can tell you that I often have to rely upon my gut instinct and faith. My gut instinct certainly told me that this was an Enemy. My faith told me that the Enemy should be battled at every opportunity. Therefore at the time I wished to see us go for the throat. I would have been happy to go after Inquisitor Favenro, confident that the Emperor's justice would find him. [PAUSE] I was naive in that respect. Evidence had to be gathered. Questions had to be asked. Facts had to be ascertained. We did not go to Port Wander to kill or detain Inquisitor Favenro - we went there to find all that I have just listed.
Arbites Lehana Quartez: Having ascertained that Inquisitor Favenro was somehow involved in this enterprise you then decided to track him down and find out in what capacity? How did you manage this?
Shiana Raine: Our investigations and Inquisitor Severus' network led to Port Wander. We knew that Inquisitor Favenro was meeting with at least one Rogue Trader there - someone who might be able to provide or distribute these crystals and statues. [PAUSE] Asimas, the Rogue Trader who had distributed statues to the families on Cantus.
Arbites Lehana Quartez: So once on Port Wander how did you proceed?
Shiana Raine: We sought to locate Asimas, Hatia Vesna, Inquisitor Favenro and Darial Xanthus. We also sought to learn what they were doing; who they were meeting and where they planned to go.
Arbites Lehana Quartez: An evasive answer Shiana Raine. Details if you please.
Shiana Raine: It was not purposefully evasive. However, I will say that it is the events after our investigation which led to the situation which created a need for this investigation. [PAUSE] Apologies. [sUBJECT CLEARS THROAT] We spied on their meetings with each other, stalked them, bugged their home and attempted surveillance on all of their actions. We attracted the attention of Inquisitor Lineta Res during these standard activities, after Father Sylvanus and Panzer elected to tell her everything. We learned that there was a meeting which had been arranged with many Rogue Traders. We managed to bug that, as well. We gathered a lot of information about their scheme and confirmed Favenro's complicity.
Arbites Lehana Quartez: So armed with this information you decided that you should kill Inquisitor Favenro?
Shiana Raine: No. Initially we sent word to Inquisitor Severus, informing him of what we had learned. However, not long after sending that communication, we found out that any significant delay of action would lead to hundreds of these statues being distributed throughout the Sector. It then became clear that the Inquisitor must be apprehended. We could not let that happen. I would not let that happen.
Arbites Lehana Quartez: So you decided that you were above Imperial Law. Are you aware that an Inquisitors actions within the borders of the Imperium are inviolate, that only the issue of a Carta Extremis is considered justification for the murder of an Inquisitor?
Shiana Raine: I decided that action had to be taken. I serve the Emperor, not bureaucracy. Saint Alicia Dominica did not pay heed to protocol when she executed Highlord and Eccliesiarch Goge Vandire. I will not apologise for attempting to follow by her example. However, we did not decide to kill him. We tried to apprehend him. However, he wielded a warp tainted weapon, moved with unnatural speed, possessed obscene strength and he was near unstoppable. He was a sorcerer, as well. Once I had seen the level of taint which applied to him, I knew that I had to destroy him. He could not be captured.
Arbites Lehana Quartez: Correct me if I am wrong but did not Saint Alicia Dominica have instructions directly from the God Emperor himself? Do you put your own reasoning on that same level? There are many that would consider that blasphemy.
Shiana Raine: If my actions were not the God Emperor's Will, then may He guide me to them in future; and if they were, then I am glad that I have been able to serve. I should be the saddest creature in the Galaxy if I knew that I had acted against His will. However, I would make my decision again. Inquisitor Favenro would have damned dozens of worlds. He would have furthered the will of the Dark Gods. I did what I should have done with the knowledge that I had. I am still convinced that it was the right thing.
Arbites Lehana Quartez: This has been an enlightening conversation Sister Shiana Raine. One last thing before we conclude this session. Have you considered the possibility that Favenro had a larger plan, that he was hunting a bigger target. Or perhaps that he was attempting to draw out recidivist populations across the Calixis sector. The motivations of Inquisitors are not for the like of you or me to second guess, in your hasty action you may have damned many. If I need to talk to you again I will contact you. Good day Sister Raine.
Shiana Raine: Good day.

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Interrogation of Subjects Involved in Inquisitorial Incident 2412/XBT/IIIV “Termination of Inquisitor Favenro without prior authorization”.

Interrogating Officer: Arbites Lehana Quartez

Subject: Sylvanas Octus

Location: Arbites interrogation cells of Port Wander

Notes: Cell Leader. Imperial Priest. Origins outside of the Sector. Recommend Chasteners be allowed to Interrogate properly, Sylvanas rationalisations and refusals to admit to any other course of action indicates levels of delusion.


Arbites Lehana Quartez: Hello, my name is Lehana Quartez. Before we start I need you to please state your name and what you do for the record.

Sylvanas Octus: Hello, my name is Father Sylvanas Octus. I am a Cell Leader for Inquisitor Severus

Arbites Lehana Quartez: So you are responsible for the decisions that your team makes in the field?

Sylvanas Octus: That would be correct.

Arbites Lehana Quartez: Can you please list the names of the people who you are responsible for.

Sylvanas Octus: The members of my Cell are Shianna Raine, Che Lopez, Panzer, Kaltos Ramirez and "The Enforcer".

Arbites Lehana Quartez: And what function does each member have within the cell?

Sylvanas Octus: Each member functions as an advisor as well as having individual roles. Shianna Raine, Che Lopez and "The Enforcer" are all skilled combatants and bring a range of skills to the table, such as wartime knowledge or planetary enforcer systems. Kaltos Ramirez is skilled at dealing with the underbelly of a hive and can sniff out rumours and information, he is also a deadeye shot. Panzer is our hidden weapon. He can snipe someone from half a mile away, or sneak into a building and steal or kill and nobody would be none the wiser to who had done it.

Arbites Lehana Quartez: Interesting and how would you describe your own role within the group?

Sylvanas Octus: I fill a range of roles. I am a skilled melee combatant, I have a wide array of knowledge pertaining to various "Forbidden" areas as well as some Scholarly ones. I can also deal well with people, this allows for me gather information from formal or informal situations. Also as the leader I act as the final say and a mediator of our viewpoints as a group.

Arbites Lehana Quartez: From what you describe it seems that your cell has a heavy focus on combat strength. Would you say that description is accurate?

Sylvanas Octus: Accurate in a sense. We are all skilled combatants in our own way, something that is generally necessary within our line of work. But we each have our other skills.

Arbites Lehana Quartez: Are you familiar with the concept of a kill team as it pertains to an Inquisitorial cell?

Sylvanas Octus: I am and I assume you are trying to insinuate that we are a Kill Team? Something that I would deny.

Arbites Lehana Quartez: How would you describe a kill team then?

Sylvanas Octus: I would label a Kill Team as a Cell designed with the sole purpose of going into a situation and destroying the Problem. Essentially a up jumped group of Assassins and Hitmen. A team that is used after a problem has been found and a target acquired. A description that does not match my Team.

Arbites Lehana Quartez: Very well. So can you describe the purpose of your latest mission? Why you were on Port Wander?

Sylvanas Octus: Our purpose was to investigate the dealings of Inquisitor Favenro. We had good reasons to believe he was working with a known Heretic, Hatia Vesna as well as potential dealings with the Heretical workings that we caught Hatia Vesna doing before he stole her from us. We were to confirm whether he was Heretical or not and arrest him if necessary.

Arbites Lehana Quartez: You describe Hatia Vesna as a known heretic. How did you discover that she was a heretic?

Sylvanas Octus: We discovered her dealings on a prior investigation on Cantus. Her and her family were in possession or Heretical objects and where part of a distribution network.

Arbites Lehana Quartez: So you arrived at Port Wander to investigate the dealings of Inquisitor Favenro, what did that entail?

Sylvanas Octus: We had information that Inquisitor Favenro was likely meeting with Asmias of the Nights Voyager. Initially our plans where to shadow them and find out as much information as we could. After shadowing them and using pict bugs we managed to gather enough information to confirm details on heretical dealings.

Arbites Lehana Quartez: Were you under instructions to eliminate Favenro if you confirmed that he was involved in Heretical dealings?

Sylvanas Octus: No, we were to arrest him. Something however that became impossible when the level of his corruption came to light

Arbites Lehana Quartez: So Inquisitor Severus gave you permission to attempt to arrest another Inquisitor?

Sylvanas Octus: Sorry no, I misspoke. We were to just investigate him and his dealings with the Rogue Traders and the Xenos Artifacts. However when the details of exactly what was about to happen came to light we had to act quickly before he left the station. We sent an Astropathic message to Inquisitor Severus, but the timetable ended up not allowing for a return message before action had to be taken. We then enacted our 'arrest' attempt of Inquisitor Favenro and the Traders that where involved with the Heretical dealings.

Arbites Lehana Quartez: So you say you were planning on arresting him. How were you planning on doing that if he resisted arrest. Did you have specialist gear?

Sylvanas Octus: We gather what we could from the station, as we were short on time. We had access to stun grenades, shock mauls and manacles.

Arbites Lehana Quartez: Who was equipped with these items?

Sylvanas Octus: everyone had stun grenades, "The Enforcer" had manacles and a Shock Maul. The orders were to avoid killing Favenro, something that we were confident we could do without skills. However I almost Immediately rescinded that order.

Arbites Lehana Quartez: So "The Enforcer" was to do the bulk of the capturing?

Sylvanas Octus: He was at the rear. The plan was to take out Favenro's guards, and then surround him and allow "The Enforcer" to take him down if he didn't surrender.

Arbites Lehana Quartez: So his guards were considered acceptable collateral damage if you could arrest Favenro?

Sylvanas Octus: We were willing to take captives if they surrendered when Injured, but with the nature of Inquisitorial guards, we weren't expecting it. So yes, they were. They surely knew of Favenro's Heretical dealings, and thus where Heretics themselves. At best they somehow didn't know and where thus unfortunate collateral that was necessary for the security of the Sector.

Arbites Lehana Quartez: And you do not feel that working for an Inquisitor should have in any way protected them from their crimes?

Sylvanas Octus: Within reason. Sector wide, potentially Imperium wide Heresy lies outside any leeway I would give them.

Arbites Lehana Quartez: Have you ever in your service to Inquisitor Severus performed deeds that might be considered heretical?

Sylvanas Octus: No

Arbites Lehana Quartez: Have you ever attempted to infiltrate a conspiracy in order to root out heretics?

Sylvanas Octus: Depends on how you mean Infiltrate. We have went undercover in order to 'deal' with potential Heretics in public situations If thats what you mean.

Arbites Lehana Quartez: It is a common technique used by the Detectives of the Adeptus Arbites. Agents are inserted into organizations in order to gather intel and eventually bring the whole operation down. It can be a very effective tool in dealing with large criminal or heretical organizations. From what I gather it is also a common tool of the Inquisition.

Before you attempted to "arrest" Inquisitor Favenro did you consider the possibility that he was doing such a thing?

Sylvanas Octus: It crossed my mind. But the information that we gathered from the the dealings pointed to Favenro being in charge of the distribution of the Artefacts. Nothing at the time suggested anyone above him. One may insert himself into an organisation to root out Heretics, but one does not start a working Heretical organisation to do the same. These Artefacts were being distributed on his orders, and they were doing harm to the Sector. This was not a simple case of him inserting someone into an organisation to root out heretics, this was a calculated attempt to sow chaos within the Sector. Chaos that could still be sowed if the Nights Voyager isn't stopped.

Arbites Lehana Quartez: So there was no evidence or possibility that you were aware of that Favenro was not at the top of the chain?

Sylvanas Octus: There was none and there is still none. Everything pointed at him being at the top of the chain.

Arbites Lehana Quartez: Are you aware of the proper procedure for dealing with Inquisitors gone rogue?

Sylvanas Octus: Yes, it requires a group of Inquisitors, I believe 3, to come together in order to 'Mark' the Inquisitor 'Rogue'. And as I have said, we needed to act quickly. We had the potential backing of 2 Inquisitors, one short of what we needed, but no time to seek another. We had to act then and there, or Favenro would have left the Station and would have escaped. He would have known we were looking for him and if and when he was declared Rogue in the time following he could go into hiding and continue his plans. Plans that could not be left to go ahead.

Arbites Lehana Quartez: So you believe that gave you the justification to break one of the Imperium's highest laws?

Sylvanas Octus: The Laws are there to protect the Imperium and to keep it working in a functioning manner. To follow this Law at this time would be to go against its purpose. So yes, I believe I was justified in my actions.

Arbites Lehana Quartez: So you do not believe that the Inquisition would have been capable of stopping the spread of these artifacts?

Sylvanas Octus: The Inquisition had already failed to stop the spread of these artifacts. They are already at large, although in smaller numbers. Even if they were to eventually hunt down and find all of the artifacts, it could take years, maybe decades. By then the plans may have come to fruition and the damage would have been done. We had the head, the arms and the weapons of this 'conspiracy' all together for what could be the only time ever. To not dismember it would have been neglectful of our duty to protect.

Arbites Lehana Quartez: How had the Inquisition failed to stop the spread of the Artifacts? The Inquisition is not required to be omnipotent for that is for the Emperor only. You seem to believe that the Inquisition's rules do not apply to you if you decide that they don't. It seems that Favenro was not even aware of your presence on the station yet you insist that he would have gone to ground and disappeared. Is it not likely that with the resources of the Inquisition available that the Nights Voyager could have been stopped within the borders of the Imperium instead of letting it flee out into the expanse due to your rash decision. From what I can tell you did not even wait to review the data you had gathered about their meetings before launching what amounts to a full scale assault. If you had only waited all the members of this conspiracy could have been caught red handed when they attempted to stop at their first port of call. Why is it that you could not have waited for a Carta Extremis to have been issued if you were so sure your evidence was concrete. Was it simply that you didn't think that it would hold up and thus launched a preemptive strike to make sure that it would not come to that.

Sylvanas Octus: Of course the Inquisition is non required to be omnipotent, but it is fact that there was a spread of Artifacts already throughout the sector. In regards to letting Favenro and the ships leave the station and relying on them being picked up at their next port of call, I was not willing to take that risk. I trust Favenro has his friends and his contacts within the Inquisition. I believe that he could have found out about any Inquisitorial mandates that would have to have been spread throughout the sector in order to detain all of the ships as well as himself. This would have given him the chance to change his plans. He cannot change his plans if he is in custody, the Heretical traders cannot change their plans if they are in custody. At large we can try and pin them in a given location, we can try and gather them all together, but each of those ships had the potential to cause havoc on many worlds. Favenro himself had the capabilities to cause untold chaos on the entire Sector,. I do not believe the Inquisition can choose whether or not to follow rules, however if the rules stop us from protecting an entire Sector, then I would expect them to be bent. The situations the rules were made for cannot be all encompassing, there are situations they cannot stand up to. That is why you exist. You decide if the situation warranted a breaking of the rules. And that is why I am here defending my actions. The rules should not be broken under most circumstances, but one extremely rare occasions it can be called upon, and within those broken rules comes the appropriate response, and that is exactly what is happening now. I am not angry at this situation as it is necessary, I am mere impatient to continue the pursuit of the Nights Voyager. This Conspiracy is still at large and there are questions that are still to be answered.

Arbites Lehana Quartez: You are wrong. The Arbites exist to enforce the letter of the law. Abstractionism as you describe it is against the holy law of the Emperor and as such it is not only a crime but a heresy. You took upon yourself a decision that you had no right as a citizen of the Imperium to make. Your heresy of assuming to know better than the Laws of the Imperium will speak for itself at your trial. May the Emperor have mercy on your soul although from my estimation he has already abandoned you.


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In the fan art section of the forum there are some links to the pictures of the characters if anyone is interested.

I've actually ran the session after these events so this is happening in the past for the players. Their trail is the next session I am going to run.

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Interrogation of Subjects Involved in Inquisitorial Incident 2412/XBT/IIIV “Termination of Inquisitor Favenro without prior authorization”.

Interrogating Officer: Arbites Lehana Quartez

Subject: Panzer

Location: Arbites interrogation cells of Port Wander

Notes: Assassin. Previous Son of Dispater, was drafted after killing one of Severus’s agents who was in deep cover.


Arbites Lehana Quartez: Hello, my name is Lehana Quartez. Before we start I need you to please state your name and what you do for the record.

Panzer: Panzer, I'm an acolyte in a cell lead by Sylvanas

Arbites Lehana Quartez: How would you describe your roll within the cell Panzer?

Panzer: I stalk our targets of interest for information, go were the others can't and put down priority combat targets.

Arbites Lehana Quartez: What did you do before you worked with Inquisitor Severus?

Panzer: I killed people for a living

Arbites Lehana Quartez: You were an Assassin?

Panzer: Yes

Arbites Lehana Quartez: Hmm, do you believe it was for these skills that Severus hired you, to be a hitman?

Panzer: I imagine he required someone capable and quiet.

Arbites Lehana Quartez: Can you tell me, what is your preferred method for taking down your targets?

Panzer: A bullet in the brain.

Arbites Lehana Quartez: Can you be more specific?

Panzer: Depends on the situation, if they like to walk about, I can sit somewhere nice and high before I take them out. If they aren't so social, I'm happy enough to go inside and use a pistol. Whatever works.

Arbites Lehana Quartez: Can you list for the record the weapons that you own?

Panzer: I usually carry some form of stub-auto, Ripper pistol, Armageddon Patern Autogun, Absolution Pattern Sniper rifle, Guard-pattern long-las and a needle rifle.

Arbites Lehana Quartez: And it was a Ripper pistol that you shot Inquisitor Favenro with?

Panzer: Correct

Arbites Lehana Quartez: Do you use any weapons that can be used for incapacitation?

Panzer: Depends where I hit them

Arbites Lehana Quartez: But generally no?

Panzer: I don't use a weapon specifically designed to incapacitate targets, no.

That's not my job

Arbites Lehana Quartez: In your expert opinion how would you describe your cells capability when it comes to capturing targets alive the target resists capture?

Panzer: Adequate

Arbites Lehana Quartez: Who would you say is well equipped to do such a job?

Panzer: Not everything comes down to equipment.

Arbites Lehana Quartez: True but having the correct equipment often puts the odds much more in your favor. If I was expecting to try and take someone alive I would plan accordingly and part of the plan would be to secure the correct equipment if at all possible.

Panzer: If possible.

Arbites Lehana Quartez: And as Inquisitorial acolytes who have had many chances to obtain equipment then I expect some of you would be equipped for this vital role.

Panzer: It's a rarity. We don't have to coddle most heritics.

Arbites Lehana Quartez: So you would say you are poorly equipped for such a task?

Panzer: Our Enforcer has the gear. If need be I can load the needle with a tranq.

Arbites Lehana Quartez: How would you describe your Cells ability to project lethal force?

Panzer: Lacking.

Arbites Lehana Quartez: In what way?

Panzer: Against trained opposition in armour, I would consider everyone but Shiana and myself to be severely lacking. You go up against professionals in carapace, you'd better be capable of taking one down in an instant. The majority of our team lacks that. That's why it's my job.

Arbites Lehana Quartez: So you don't consider them capable of projecting lethal force because they are unable to kill trained professionals in heavy armour quickly? But you describe their ability to take resisting targets alive as Adequate because one person on your team has a shock maul?

Panzer: Not because.

We can take prisoners if the situation demands it, even without a lot of gear.

Arbites Lehana Quartez: Only it seems to me if they choose not to resist.

Panzer: We fight heretics. If we want one alive, he'll be wounded but alive.

Arbites Lehana Quartez: Lets discuss Favenro. Did you agree with the decision to launch an assault on Favenro and his operatives?

Panzer: Yes

Arbites Lehana Quartez: What was the objective of your assault?

Panzer: To capture Favenro

Arbites Lehana Quartez: Even though he was an Inquisitor?

Panzer: The danger he represented was extreme.

Arbites Lehana Quartez: The danger all Inquisitors represent is extreme, that is the point of Inquisitors.

Panzer: To the imperium

Arbites Lehana Quartez: Were you given permission by Inquisitor Severus to attack or detain Inquisitor Favenro?

Panzer: No

Arbites Lehana Quartez: Did you ask for permission to detain Inquisitor Favenro before carrying out your assault?

Panzer: We did. Events forced our hand.

Arbites Lehana Quartez: You asked but did not get permission?

Panzer: We did not get a reply before we had to act.

Arbites Lehana Quartez: When the reply arrived what did it say?

Panzer: Don't.

Arbites Lehana Quartez: Why do you believe that Inquisitor Severus disagreed with your decision to attack Favenro?

Panzer: I don't know his reasoning

Arbites Lehana Quartez: Do you think it likely he was aware that attacking another Inquisitor like that could be construed as an attempt to eliminate a rival? Especially in light of the outcome.

Panzer: I imagine he knew there was that potential.

Arbites Lehana Quartez: Do you believe that the evidence that you had against Favenro was concrete?

Panzer: Enough that I was willing to risk my own life in a frontal assault.

Without the proper equipment as well.

Arbites Lehana Quartez: But not that you believed that you could have gone to the Inquisition with it and had a Carta Extremis issued against him?

Panzer: Our intent was to bring the evidence forward and detain him until he was proven guilty.

Events did not allow for that

Arbites Lehana Quartez: But as an Inquisitor you had no right to detain him without authorization from the Calixian Conclave. Did you not trust that the Imperium would be able to detain Favenro?

Panzer: Only at great cost.

Arbites Lehana Quartez: Was Favenro aware of your surveillance of him?

Panzer: Unlikely

Arbites Lehana Quartez: Had any of you ever met Favenro in person?

Sorry let me rephrase that, had Favenro ever met any of you in person?

Panzer: Not that I'm aware.

Arbites Lehana Quartez: So Favenro would have had no idea who you were when you burst through the door via satchel charge?

Panzer: He could have made an educated guess. He was involved in another operation of ours. The Vesna Heresy

Arbites Lehana Quartez: But in those moments of confusion you would have expected him to have been able to tell you were agents of the Inquisition and that he should give himself up to you? That he would not just assume it was enemies coming to kill him? Let me ask you would you have given yourself up in his shoes?

Panzer: We expected he'd resist.

We planned to use grenades to stun him and take him prisoner before he recovered.

Arbites Lehana Quartez: Well from where I am sitting it looks more like you simply hoped that he would survive on pure luck and if not you were uninterested. The whole operation smacks more of a hit than a capture attempt. There seems to be no reason that the Inquisition could not have been notified. Having acquired their complete routes they could have been stopped before any artifacts landed on any Imperial planets. What made your team so special what only you could apparently capture this man without "great cost" to the Imperium?

Panzer: We were there.

Arbites Lehana Quartez: Your point?

Panzer: If he left the station, there's no guarantee of his capture.

Arbites Lehana Quartez: If you attacked there was no guarantee of capture. According to you your group was ill suited to taking out well trained people in heavy armour, Favenro had 6 such people in his employ. All of this simply demonstrates your hubris. An Inquisitors actions are inviolate until such a status is revoked from him. You have taken this action knowing this and your weak insistence that you were the only people that could deal with the problem does not change the fact that you have broken one of the Imperiums highest laws. I will be seeing you again Panzer.


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Lol The Enforcer in an NPC that basically allows players to jump into someone while they are injured. Most of the time he mans home base assuming we don't forget about him completely. They picked him up on Prol I where he was their assigned guide. He never had a name so he was always just called The Enforcer. It had become an in joke in the group that since he never has a personality that no one really knows him or what he wants. The most recent theory is that he thinks the group is full of madmen and he only sticks around because he is ordered to by the Inquisition. Either that or he is running the whole show.


Interrogation of Subjects Involved in Inquisitorial Incident 2412/XBT/IIIV “Termination of Inquisitor Favenro without prior authorization”.

Interrogating Officer: Arbites Lehana Quartez

Subject: Kaltos Ramirez

Location: Arbites interrogation cells of Port Wander

Notes: Minor criminal contacts


Arbites Lehana Quartez: Hello, my name is Lehana Quartez. Before we start I need you to please state your name and what you do for the record.

Kaltos Ramirez: Kaltos Ramirez... agent of the Inquisiton.

Arbites Lehana Quartez: Can you be more specific about your role within the Inquisition?

Kaltos Ramirez: I'm part of a team under Father Sylvannas, under Inquisitor Severus.

Arbites Lehana Quartez: Yes but what do you do in that team?

Kaltos Ramirez: A variety of things. Mostly I shoot heretics. Don't you have all of this in a data slate or something?

Arbites Lehana Quartez: I am interested in how you characterize your roll within the team. If you do not want to do the interrogation this way I can introduce you to the Chasteners who will take a different approach.

Kaltos Ramirez: They sound -delightful-, but no I think I'm alright with you.

Arbites Lehana Quartez: So you would characterize your role as a combat one on the team.

Kaltos Ramirez: It is one of my few talents, yes. I'm good at finding things, people, and I do get called on to do that on occasion. I suppose currently I primarily shoot people as my "primary job", currently.

Arbites Lehana Quartez: Who else would you characterize as combat orientated in your cell?

Kaltos Ramirez: Panzer. Che. Not really big talkers either of them. Don't think "talking" was a big part of their lives before this.

Arbites Lehana Quartez: Would you say you cell is primarily combat oriented as a rule?

Kaltos Ramirez: I'd say we had an alright mix. It's not like we shoot first, ask questions later.

Arbites Lehana Quartez: Would you say your cell is apt at taking live prisoners?

Kaltos Ramirez: Sure.

Arbites Lehana Quartez: What if they resist?

Kaltos Ramirez: Prisoners don't need their legs.

Arbites Lehana Quartez: So you are confident in you ability to miss the femoral artery on a regular basis? That seems unlikely considering your choice of primary weapon.

Kaltos Ramirez: I'm a real good shot. Unless they've invented stunning bullets, our Sister usually deals with prisoner taking. She's pretty good at it.

Arbites Lehana Quartez: How does she accomplish that?

Kaltos Ramirez: Physically restraining them.

Arbites Lehana Quartez: Hmm… So getting to Favenro, do you feel that it was the right decision to launch an assault on an Inquisitor?

Kaltos Ramirez: He was shipping dangerous xeno-tech into the Imperium, of course I feel it was right.

Arbites Lehana Quartez: And what was your plan for your assault.

Kaltos Ramirez: Apprehension, make him answer for his activities. I didn't get the chance to ask him before he put a power sword through my chest, was a bit hard to talk, you see.

Arbites Lehana Quartez: And what was your plan to deal with his bodyguards?

Kaltos Ramirez: They weren't very talkative either.

Arbites Lehana Quartez: So your hope was everyone would give up and surrender to you when you blasted your way through the door with a Satchel charge?

Kaltos Ramirez: Can but hope. Besides, we aren't really in the business with chatting to heretics. Doubt he would've been all "Oh, okay I'll come in for a chat about my illegal xeno-artifacts that are a danger to the Imperium."

Arbites Lehana Quartez: So your plan was to kill them?

Kaltos Ramirez: The bodyguards? Sure, that's kind of their job.

Arbites Lehana Quartez: Was it not a consideration that they were agents of the Inquisition working directly for an Inquisitor?

Kaltos Ramirez: They were working for a man, using clearly tainted weaponry, and if they still thought he was a loyal servant of the Imperium, they were either delusional, or corrupt themselves.

Arbites Lehana Quartez: He was still an Inquisitor though, regardless of what you thought he was guilty of they were working for a sanctioned member of the Inquisition. Are you aware that an Inquisitors actions are inviolate within the borders of the Imperium?

Kaltos Ramirez: Then it's a good thing we are agents of the Inquisition, working for another Inquisitor then, hm?

Arbites Lehana Quartez: So you believe that Inquisitors are allowed to attack each other without reproach?

Kaltos Ramirez: No, but their actions are, what did you call it? Inviolate? So which is it? They can't be, or they can be?

Arbites Lehana Quartez: They can not be attacked or prevented in carrying out their duties even by another Inquisitor. If you felt that Inquisitor Favenro had forsaken his duty the only recourse would be to contact the Calixian conclave and they would have evaluated the evidence against him and if as you say he was a heretic then a Carta Extremis would be issued.

Kaltos Ramirez: We felt that if we let him escape, given his contacts with the rogue trader, that he'd never be caught and would go into hiding and then we'd have to start our search over trying to find his avenue's of distributing the heretical artifacts.

Arbites Lehana Quartez: So you believe that he as aware that he was under surveillance? That he would have known to flee?

Kaltos Ramirez: It was a possibility we weren't willing to risk.

Arbites Lehana Quartez: So you assumed that only you could have captured Favenro, that the seven of you could achieve what the resources of an entire sector could not?

Kaltos Ramirez: We had the element of surprise on our side. He was at the edge of Imperial space, with a rogue trader on his team, he could have easily vanished into the reaches beyond Imperial space.

Arbites Lehana Quartez: But his plan was not to go out of Imperial space, his plan relied on going deeper into Imperial space where he could have been easily apprehended. Instead the Nights Voyager has fled out of Imperial space with only the Emperor knows how many of these artifacts and it could possibly return forewarned of the threat. This is your preferable outcome?

Kaltos Ramirez: Not exactly, but at least we can hunt that down and deal with it. And if you had gone through official channels, he would have heard about it and then he would've fled away, not in. He'd be an idiot to flee in once he knew he was wanted.

Arbites Lehana Quartez: I'm going to lay this out in a way you can understand. There is no good reason to assume that Inquisitor Favenro would have been forewarned of any move to apprehend him before it happened. Any evidence that could have justified this attack would surely have resulted in a Carta Extremis being issued and the only reason I can see for not pursuing that course would be if your evidence was not good enough and thus your attack not justified. The fact that you chose to attack simply compounds your guilt. You are not in a position to judge the capabilities of the Inquisition and the Imperium so you could not know that this rash attack would have a better outcome than simply following law and procedure. Do you have anything more to say before we conclude on this business?

Kaltos Ramirez: If he wasn't an Inquisitor, we wouldn't be having this run-around.

Arbites Lehana Quartez: But he was an Inquisitor and so we are. Good day.


Edited by Kaihlik

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Emm...what? Enforcer is an NPC so I haven't done him? Kaltos is not the Enforcer. We might do one at the end where whole group answers as the Enforcer. We shall see because I can't imagine that it would be very good. The only player left to go is Che Losep who is a guardsman. I'd like to do one for Inquisitor Linetta Res who was also there but it would just be me talking to myself and thus kinda boring.

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lol.. something like this happened in my game too. the players all gave different stories and i had to have a group sit down session in which i explained all that detectives had gleamed from them. they almost incriminated their innocent inquisitor because they were getting things like physical descriptions mixed up. the judge thought he was secretly behind a slaanesh conspiracy. you wouldn't believe how contradictory they were on basic facts. couldn't make it up! your players seem a lot more consistent!


liked the first one best. bringing up the saint was cool if it is the one i think she is talking about. alicia dominica is the first sister of battle i think? or is it some unique thing in this game? priest was cool too. DON'T CARE!


am i right in guessing that the two religious ones probably get along more and other two shady ones are buddies too? does that come up much in the game? i had a game with two psykers, two priests and an adept. adept was basically the decision maker because the other four always disagreed 2v2.


looking forward to the guardsman. i am guessing he has the most balanced personality.

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lol.. something like this happened in my game too. the players all gave different stories and i had to have a group sit down session in which i explained all that detectives had gleamed from them. they almost incriminated their innocent inquisitor because they were getting things like physical descriptions mixed up. the judge thought he was secretly behind a slaanesh conspiracy. you wouldn't believe how contradictory they were on basic facts. couldn't make it up! your players seem a lot more consistent!



It was pretty easy to answer these questions consistently. The first time I did interviews though... they did not go so smoothly. They pretty much completely contradicted each other to an embarrassing degree but that is a story for another thread.


liked the first one best. bringing up the saint was cool if it is the one i think she is talking about. alicia dominica is the first sister of battle i think?

Yeah that's her.



am i right in guessing that the two religious ones probably get along more and other two shady ones are buddies too? does that come up much in the game? i had a game with two psykers, two priests and an adept. adept was basically the decision maker because the other four always disagreed 2v2.

You would be wrong. The 2 religious ones tend to disagree a lot on the best course of action. Since Sylvanas is the cell leader  though he gets to make the final decisions (this makes it sound like he is bossy but its not like that at all, he tends to only put his foot down when the group is at a real impasse). The other 2 characters also don't tend to agree too much.


looking forward to the guardsman. i am guessing he has the most balanced personality.

Again you would be wrong. Here is the message one of my players sent when he read your post.


"[Che's Player] balanced ..."

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Interrogation of Subjects Involved in Inquisitorial Incident 2412/XBT/IIIV “Termination of Inquisitor Favenro without prior authorization”.

Interrogating Officer: Arbites Lehana Quartez

Subject: Che Losep

Location: Arbites interrogation cells of Port Wander

Notes: A guardsman should obey the laws of the Imperium. His answers suggest that his duties in the Inquisition have corrupted him from the Imperiums purpose. Clearly his moral fibre and faith in the Emperor were not strong enough.


Arbites Lehana Quartez: Hello, my name is Lehana Quartez. Before we start I need you to please state your name and what you do for the record.

Che Losep: I am Che Losep, former guardsman and currently working as an acolyte employed by inquisitor Severus.

Arbites Lehana Quartez: In what capacity do you serve Inquisitor Severus?

Che Losep: As part of an Acolyte cell, my general duties involving investigations, as directed by Severus, often on detached and autonomous deployments. It can often be the case that a cult, once discovered, will attempt to resist arrest forcibly - or at least withdraw from the planet - meaning we are generally allowed the authority to take lethal action as circumstance and our discretion dictates.

Arbites Lehana Quartez: So your role within the cell is investigative? I thought you said you were an ex-guardsman. That seems like an odd role for you to fall into?

Che Losep: within the cell, the investigation duties are split between all of us, i take a lighter share personally, as my more primary role is to provide fire support as and where necessary. Despite this, i have been called upon to serve, temporarily, undercover in several situations where my military background allows me to ease into the local mercenary scene.

Arbites Lehana Quartez: So you would characterize your role primarily as a combat one?

Che Losep: Yes, I would.I have light medical training, which often allows me to bring some limited post-mortem analysis to bear, when required, during the course of investigations

Arbites Lehana Quartez: Would you say that your cell is primarily focused on combat roles?

Che Losep: I would agree that's a very significant component of our overall capacity, and that all members are capable combatants within their own specialities. I would personally rate Panzer as the most dangerous member of our team - in sheer ability terms.

Arbites Lehana Quartez: Would you say that you are a capable group at taking prisoners alive?

Che Losep: Taking live prisoners is difficult, as those committed to heretical cults are often invested to a great extent, and value the integrity of their cult's secrets over their own loves

this can lead to them fighting to the death, far beyond the intimidation or injury level an 'average' criminal would commit to before surrender thus, because we face extreme - and often fanatical - opponents, we tend to use extreme force. Overall, i'd rate our success at capturing live prisoners as low, and note that i don't think any of us are particularly suited to non-lethal combat

Arbites Lehana Quartez: Can you tell me what your plan was for the assault on Favenro?

Che Losep: To attack whilst we knew his location, as his resources allowed him a huge range of mobility and opportunity to disappear nearly anywhere in the galaxy. We had the intention to take him alive, but his personal combat abilities far exceeded our initial estimate, and it became a necessity to hit him with anything and everything, just to sustain our own lives. I believe our general plan for capturing him alive was to subdue or kill his close associates inside the house, and to arrest Favenro with force. It was hoped that by injuring him, and reducing his capacity to resist, 2 or 3 of us could hold him down and bind his hands. Effectively our strategy boiled down to: break in, kill the bodyguards, and rush Favenro to tie him down. I had hoped to sedate him with several injections of stimm from my medkit; that may sound counter-intuitive but once the 2 minutes of sustained energy has passed, the debilitating side effects would have rendered him an easy prisoner

Arbites Lehana Quartez: So you planned to kill the bodyguards. Do you not feel that as agents working for an Inquisitor that they should have been considered protected by the Inquisitions authority despite any crimes you perceived that they were guilty of?

Che Losep: I saw them as agents in service of an alleged rogue, and knew that our resources and capability would be stretched just to take Favenro alive, therefore I - and the cell in general - prioritised the life of Favenro due to his higher rank. Had we the ability to simply stun, arrest and imprison all of them, that would have been our course of action. Unfortunately we had to use our on-location discretion to make the call, and decided that they were ultimately expendable in the pursuit of bringing down an allegedly rogue inquisitor.

Arbites Lehana Quartez: As a guardsman of the Imperium, how highly do you rate its laws?

Che Losep: Very highly of course, but the law can in some circumstances be wrong

the lawmakers themselves are fallible, as they are human; only the Emperor is utterly without weakness. Thus if it comes to pass that the laws of men must be broken to better serve the will of the Emperor, it is something I am willing to do. in this circumstance, I believe the harm that could be caused by a rogue inquisitor, and the cult of corruption he was an integral part of, far exceeded the collateral cost - however regretful - that was necessary to bring about his capture.

Arbites Lehana Quartez: So I take it that you are not aware of the fact that the Emperors laws are considered to be holy. That to go against them is considered heresy? Can you tell me the purpose of the Inquisition as a body?

Che Losep: I am not a theological scholar, of course, and possess only an interested layperson's understanding. The purpose of the inquisition as a body is to root out and eliminate the corruptive elements of society, regardless of how highly they are placed or behind what power they hide. Without the inquisition, a planetary governor would be beyond any law, as no one would have the authority to investigate him, or call him to account. by extension, other highly placed and self-monitoring individuals would be able to wreak havoc without reproach - such as a fleet admiral or imperial general

Arbites Lehana Quartez: In fact you are incorrect. An Inquisitor is outside the law. The Adeptus Arbites police the law for everyone including planetary governors. An Inquisitor is answerable to no one but his peers. He has mandate to go anywhere within the bounds of the Imperium and do anything. To prevent him in this is a crime. In order for his power to be revoked an Inquisitor must be judged by at least 3 of his peers which custom dictates would be senior members of the local conclave, so called Inquisitor Lords and they would judge the evidence against him and declare sanctions up to and including a Cartis Extremis which is a death sentence. Until the time that such a thing happens an Inquisitors actions carry the full weight of Imperial law, to fail to aid an Inquisitor or to prevent him from achieving his goal is crime against the Inquisition and as such against the Imperium. Is it your estimation that your cell had the authority necessary to launch an attack on Favenro?

Che Losep: We did not, at the time, have a specific mandate to assault him. I am both hopeful and expectant that a retroactively applicable sanction will be made against him, in vindication of the actions we took.

Arbites Lehana Quartez: So an Inquisitor can be attacked and killed without authority in the hope that someone would agree with you afterwords? Did you even have permission from Inquisitor Severus to launch an assault on Favenro?

Che Losep: In general, and taken out of context, that would be a terrible suggestion.

with the evidence we had gathered, and knowing of the difficulty involved in tracking Favenro if he had chosen to hide, we acted with best discretionary judgement to take him down before he could cause uncountable destruction through the corrupt statue cult. We did not have permission from inquisitor Severus to launch any assualt. We did send an astropathic message asking for further instruction, as the circumstances on the ground were more advanced and dangerous than we believed he knew of. We acted without a reply to our communication, as the time pressure effectively left the call in our hands.

Arbites Lehana Quartez: But you were gathering evidence on the locations of the statues and you knew each ship that was to transport them. Had you waited you would have even had their routes and would have been able to pass all this information to the Inquisition who could have apprehended each ship using the resources of the Sector. Not one of those artifacts would have touched Imperial soil and in all likelyhood Favenro would have been captured with everyone, tying up this conspiracy in one neat package. Instead your rash actions have let the Nights Voyager escape into the Koronus Expanse with a hold full of Artifacts and could return one day to threaten the whole sector. How can you possibly claim that your actions were justified?

Che Losep: We felt that Favenro had to be apprehended whilst the opportunity existed, and I think the scale of the operation prompted us to move in on him - our confidence in a 100% stop rate of the ships in question was very slim. In essence, we didn't trust that the navy's assets could intercept all of those ships and Favenro, so we decided to make sure of it ourselves. At least, to the extent that we could.

Arbites Lehana Quartez: You did not believe the fleet of an entire sector was capable of stopping 2 warships who were operating independently and several lightly armed transports? The most powerful of which fled from your botched attempts to stop it? Does your arrogance know no bounds Che Losep?

Che Losep: I'd say it's that i was overawed by the scale of corruption and could think of no other way to stop it. Meshed with a limited faith in the capacity of navy resources, stretched as they are by other commitments. Stopping then would not be a problem, but committing units to the search, i felt at least some would escape.

Arbites Lehana Quartez: If that is your response I feel there is no hope for you. You have admitted your guilt here and I believe that your trial will bear this out. Pray to the Emperor for it is him who will judge you in the end.


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I just can't reconcile this Arbitrator's assertion that the ships and the inquisitor would have been captured.  It's like she's completely ignoring the words she keeps spouting.


That inquisitors are above the law and infallible in the eyes of everyday people.  It is exactly for that reason that the players jumped on the filthy heretic.  If they waited, the fleet would have done absolutely nothing because their commander wouldn't want to mess with the inquisition.


Sucks they'll all be executed, but hey, just the risks of doing the Emperor's good work.

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But the inquisition would have stripped his rank and then he would have been fair game. The point she is making that if they had enough evidence to act then they had a solid enough case to go to the Inquisition with it. If their case was too weak then their justification for an attack was also too weak.

If a Carta Extremis was issued authorisation would have come down from Inquisitor Caiden. No Imperial captain would be in any doubt of their rights at that point.

At least that's the view of Lehana Quartez as a loyal Arbiter who believes in the rule of law and the might of the Imperium. As to their judges views, that is for their trial.

The main thing working in their favour is something that you won't know because it didn't come up was that Favenro was bonded to a Halo device and recovered from near death in a matter of minutes to wreak havoc on the command decks of Port Wander. They have a case for a defence, we shall see if they can make it.

Also I just noticed that the player didn't change their name so it should say Che Losep not Mertis. I'll fix that when I have time. [FIXED]

Edited by Kaihlik

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That still wasn't really their call to make though. The correct thing to do was still to go through proper channels. If it doesn't work out at that point that isn't their fault. Taking actions into their own hands when they had absolutely no authority to do so is the issue and they can't really prove that the correct channels wouldn't have worked.


I'm not going to discuss this too much though because I have to run the trial.

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Heh, I think you're misunderstanding me.  I'm not pushing or making a fuss here.  This is just an example of agency bloating, even in an organization like the inquisition.  The rules exist to protect the members, and they make sense, but when the bad guys know they can't get arrested until three of their peers stop rivaling with one another long enough to investigate him and then actually agree that he should be captured/executed, it means that there could be days, weeks, years even before a decision is made and by then it is entirely too late.


These guys did the wrong thing by regulation, they'll probably get hung or a bolter round to the skull or whatever, and they've got it coming...but they still did the right thing given the situation.

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