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WFRP 1st Edition death clarification question

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I don't understand the death, wounds, healing section very well.


How does this work?


Example A:


PC has 10 wounds.


Gets whittled down to 0 wounds.


Next hit does 2 points of damage.  Is that now a critical hit of -2 on the chart?


Does he stay at -2 for the next hit?  It sounds like they all stay at 0.


Then from there the battle is over.


The PC took a couple negative hits but isn't bleeding, however it appears they are severely wounded, which means they are still dying?


Is this where fate points are used?


Does a fate point avoid the critical hit altogether yet they remain at 0 wounds?


The different wound levels, light, heavy and severe, what do these mean exactly?


While I can read, in play, they don't quite make sense as written so some help in clarification would be appreciated.


Thank you all who help out with answers!

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Edit: Forget everything I just wrote. I see now you are asking about 1st edition. I never played that :P

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