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Netrunner League - Dice House Games - Fullerton, CA

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Dice House Games


League matches will be played Thursday nights at Dice House Games. 

May 29th - June 26st

4:30 pm - Close

$5 Entry Fee


Players can play up to 4 league matches per opponent, and can play an unlimited number league matches during the cycle.  A player can play additional games beyond the 4th match against an individual opponent, but any games beyond the 4th match will not be counted toward league standings.  These additional games will, however, count toward unlocking achievements.  Single games (as runner or corp) can also be played against an opponent; these games will count toward unlocking achievements, but not for league standings.


Matches will follow standard FFG tournament rules, except there will be no time limit.  If a game lasts beyond the point that the store is willing to remain open, that game will neither count for league standings nor achievements.  


All game wins during league matches, whether by Agenda Points, Flatlines, or Deckouts, are considered worth 2 Prestige Points for the winner of the game.  On June 26th, the 8 players with the highest number of Prestige Points will play in a double elimination bracket for prizes and bragging rights.  Players will be seeded by highest win percentage.



Achievements will be tracked and scored separately from the league standings.  Additional prizes will be given to the players with the most Corp and Runner Achievements, the greatest number of Corp and Runner Identity wins, and most Flatline and Deckout wins. 



Prizing will be primarily from the 2014 Season 1 game night kit; additional prizes determined by participation.

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