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Personal custom Spellbook

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This expansion (Bestial Forces) will make it posible to play a four player game with a custom Spellbook for each of the four players if you just had enougth cantrips ... and if one more expansion comes out then you would be able to do it with five players.


I really hope that FFG will make it posible to get exstra cantrip decks either as a part of a expansion or as a separate item.


This is just the thing that would make this game perfect for me.

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i tried a modified on personal (1deck/player) deck's composition because 3 school for 1 player, for me, it's a little bit complicated to manage, so in lasts games we made personal decks in this way:


1 cantrip + 2 schools


in this way you can find a deck more specialized than normal, you know also every card of deck and you play it like MTG, with a quick replacing of cards in hand


i tried in past also a very personal deck for players taking every card and shuffle then into a 60 cards deck, but it was very like MTG and the choiche down on the same cards per player, without very variability of deck itself

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