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Recon Silhouette deck

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Runner - Silhouette


Events -


x2 Diesel

x3 Account Siphon

x3 Infiltration

x3 Networking

x3 Forced Activation Orders

x3 Special Order

x3 Inside Job

x3 Satellite Uplink

x3 Sure Gamble


Hardware -


x2 Desperado


Icebreakers -


x2 Corroder

x2 Gordian Blade

x2 Garrote


Resources -


x3 Bank Job

x3 Kati Jones


Cards = 40

Influence = 14


The basic idea for the deck is to try to gain enough information to pick and choose it's runs. Silhouette, Infiltration and Satellite Uplink give plenty of oppertunities to expose cards. Sure Gamble, Bank Job and Kati Jones provides the economy for the deck. I've kept the Icebreakers to a minimum but I feel they are all pretty solid. Lastly I've got a ton of cheap events to throw at my opponant like Account Siphon, Forged Activation Orders and Inside Job.

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Too much expose.  Not enough Same Old Things.


Swap Networking for Lawyer Up x2.  Alternately, if you downgrade the Garrote to a 1MU killer, you can drop Kati Jones for Magnum Opus and play tag me.


You'll want some multi-access capability.  Add Legwork and Maker's Eye or the equivalent interfaces.

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