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New search engine and deck builder will be soon available.

I've added pictures to following editions:

A Clash of Arms: The War of Five King etcg.pl/portal/agot,edition-7:preview

Five Kings Edition etcg.pl/portal/agot,edition-14:preview

I filled a lot of gaps in 5KE which are in tzumainn (19 more pictures) to have full set with pics I need following:

empty the vaults!
executioner's block
myrcella lannister
parting blow
the vale

If anyone from you can send me thos scans we will have finally whole 5KE with pics. As you see my goal is to have all cards with pics in DB.

Enjoy !


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Whole ITE block was added with pictures. Today WNE and probably VAL.

Soon we will have every single picture, thanks everyone who helped!

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