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W40K RPG Helpful Index

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"For all those who came in late..." - Lee Falke


Hi All,


It's been ages since I posted anything on this forum, but I am still alive and GMing.


Recently I decided to give my long term Dark Heresy players (The Search For Victory crew) a chance to Respec their characters.  During the process of which I got to thinking that I really need to make a list of where and what every alternate rank is for Dark Heresy.


So I decided to compile a list and share it with everyone.  While I was making an Index of the Alternate Ranks I also saw, so many Minor Psychic Powers that I had forgotten as well as many other pieces of information.  From their my Index grew and grew and once I had finished I decided to make my way through all the other books.


Explanation aside...


Here is a Index of things I found useful to have a quick reference for.  IT IS AN INCOMPLETE LIST for starters it doesn't cover any of the adventure modules and rule additions contained within.  It also tends to only have a few references to things in the Core rules and any material referenced should be consulted directly this is in no way a complete list of the requirements for the options indexed.


What this is not:


This is not a cheat-sheet, it is not designed to replace any of the books, it is just a Name and an index as well as a semi-thematic description of whatever is listed.


What the Dark Heresy Index covers:


The Dark Heresy 1st Edition portion of the index covers several things.  First it covers all the Home Worlds and variations their off as well as the single Background Package specifically tied to the Feral World.  It breaks down all the Background Packages and Alternate Career Ranks by Career as well as which Ascension Careers can be directly tied to them as well as presenting a Revised Experience Progression for the Career based on the new rank amounts listed in Ascension.


After the Careers are covered it then lists All the Elite Advance Packages and Cell Directives covered in the Dark Heresy line as well as a single Elite Advance from Rogue Trader which indicates it can work directly in a Dark Heresy game.


Finally the index lists all the new Psychic Powers covered in supplementary books.  These are organized into Minor Psychic Powers and Disciplines


In addition, the Index also covers the other 1st edition Warhammer 40k RPG game lines and provides similar Indexing for the other lines to varying degrees.


Where Is The Index


You can find the Index at the following link, it is a view only Google Sheet.




For those with Google you should be able to save a copy of the sheet for your own use.  For those who wish to see an Addendum to the Index or have comments/suggestions please leave a message in this thread.


I hope this can be of some assistance to everyone.




- Raith


p.s. Please ignore any and all spelling mistakes cause I'm sure their are plenty.

Edited by Raith

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