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New Expansion!!!!!!!!

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Here are the ideas I had so far


- a frog transformation, as an attack, that could target any monster or wizard in LOS. A "frogged" target could not attack by any means, but still plays spells as long as it is no "red" ones


- a counterspell that would deflect the spell instead of canceling it. For example with a fire ball, the spell would make a 90° or 180°, even finishing into a wall a making cracks


- a transformation (A djinn ?) that couldn't do physical attacks but could spend any card as a 3 energy card.


- a mimic, a counter that could be played when a wizard or a creature takes a chest. The chest is now a creature and cannot be taken before being KOed.


- Reinforce a spell by putting a number of duration token on the target maintained by equal to this spell's energy.

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Personnally I never regretted to buy this marvelous expansions


I only hope for another one soon, with more funny creatures, a 6th player with board and maybe some new transformation

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