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Exodus Expansion Components

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When using the Exodus expansion you can use any combination of its three new play modes.


But can you also use any combination of the new quorum cards, skill cards, destination cards, crisis cards, new characters, etc? Or do you have to use them all if you use any? (presume you can at least use the characters on any settings without the other components)


e.g. I presume I can play - The New Caprica game variant of Pegasus with the exodus crisis, skill, destination and quorum cards added to their respective decks? Or the same without any of those, but playing as Gaeta.  Yes?


But can I for example play -  kobol, new caprica or ionian nebula with the new crisis cards from pegasus and exodus, as well as the new quorum cards but choose not to include the exodus skill cards or some other component that isn't directly necessary for the game?


Quite a few related questions there. Hope I made sense. 



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The instruction have some info about what to include from what set/subset of game components.  I have found that mix and match without associated game components really throws off play.  You might do it for fun, or if say humans are having trouble winning you might let Exodus characters in a "Pegasus" game. 


Crisis/Qurom/etc may not "make sense" when just add in to a set - may even be unplayable (CAG cards in a no-CAG game!). 


Nothing wrong with a little mix-it-up fun if you want!

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