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I'm trying to build a hb deck but I'm having issues with card synergy, playstyle previous decks have been weyland and my current is nbn FA. I really want to try hb but my decks keep failing.

What are the key cards for hb decks?

What are the playstyles?

Also I'm using hb ETF

Any help would be appreciated

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Hi Jeff,

I've only been playing for about four months myself but thought I'd throw in some insight into Engineering the Future.

You want to make sure you are installing something every turn and to keep up with the expense of that Biroid Effeciency Research can help you rez those big pieces of ICE for 3 to help keep you in the credits. With HB Engineering the Future cards like Alex T4LB07 and Thomas Haas are great as you can install and advance with guaranteed returns. I especially like Alex as it gains a power counter when you install a card so works great with the Identity.

Ideally you want to be hitting a first turn of ICE, ICE, Money (Hedge Fund, Green Level Clearance). As you won't really be wanting more than one or two remote servers cards like Subliminal Messaging can give you great recurring credits. Choosing to go for burst economy or clickless econ like Adonis or Eve Campaigns can really change how your deck works. I like burst as you can tax the runner with expensive runs and then quickly take advantage of their low credits to install and advance an agenda.

Agenda wise Efficiency Committee, Priority Requisition and the likes of the solid NAPD Contract are amongst my favourites. Throw in a single Cerebral Overwriter and / or Junebug and you have great ways to catch the runner when they think you're going for that final agenda and have missed counted their credits.

Long story short, hit up NetrunnerDb, search for decks using the card and just see what ones appeal to you. Build, test and tweak to your play style :)

Hope that helped,


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It's rather difficult to advise directly. My HB deck just focus on playing a solid game. ICE what needs to be ICE'd, keep the cost of agenda down and make sure the economy is solid.


The Engineering the Future identity provides a solid base for an economy as the deck should be playing down cards every turn.


I favour agenda such as Project Vituvius and Accelerated Beta Test as I can play them down and score them in the next turn. Although it's impossible to build a deck of 3/2 agenda I try to maximise them. I usualy round out the rest of the agenda with 4/2 such as Efficency Committee and Sentinal Defence Program.


I usualy have a fair amount of ICE in the deck and prefer reasonably priced stuff over the big, expencive drops. I use stuff like Ice Wall, Viper, Eli 1.0, Bastion, Ichi 2.0, Heimdall 1.0 and Tollbooth and run between 18 to 20 pieces.


I don't normaly run many operations prefering stuff like Hedge Fund for a cash boost and Shipment from Mirrormorph to speed the deck up.


Lastly I have plenty of assets to boost my economy and help disguise my agenda. Stuff like Melange Mining Corp, Pad Campaign and Marked Accounts provide a solid economy and the latter two are expencive for the runner to trash. I'll usualy include a trap or two in the deck to maintain a threat such as Cerebral Overwriter and Jackson Howard to refill my had when I start running low of cards in hand.


One of my regular opponants uses a very different HB build but it's proven to be quite effective. His deck uses the Next Design identity along with a ton of ICE. Usualy he just makes the ICE as deep as possible making it difficult for the runner to make more than one run every few turns.

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