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Help me increase these decks' economy.

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Sets I own: Core, Cyber Exodus, Creation and Control, What Lies Ahead, Second Thoughts.


I'm not adverse to buying more sets, I eventually want to buy them all anyway but I'm just getting started here.

Corp Deck: NBN-Making News, 49 Cards

  • Agendas
    • 2x Breaking News
    • 2x AstroScript Pilot Program
    • 2x Restructured Datapool
    • 3x Priority Requisition
  • ICE
    • 2x Matrix Analyzer
    • 3x Pop-up Window
    • 2x Data Raven
    • 2x Muckraker
    • 3x Tollbooth
    • 2x Cell Portal (2 influence each)
    • 2x Ice Wall (1 influence each)
    • 2x Chimera
    • 3x Bastion
  • Assets
    • 2x Melange Mining Corp
    • 1x Levy University
    • 2x Ghost Branch
  • Upgrades
    • 1x Akitaro Watanabe (2 influence each)
    • 1x SanSan City Grid
  • Operations
    • 2x Closed Accounts
    • 2x Psychographics
    • 3x Hedge Fund
    • 3x Sunset (1 influence each)
    • 2x Archived Memories (2 influence each)

I feel like I got a lot of good ice combos in this deck:
2x Pop-up Window + Chimera let me infinitely rez Chimera
Chimera + Akitaro Watanabe also infinitely rez Chimera
3x Pop-up Window + Cell Portal + Akitaro Watanabe lets me trap runners in infinite loop unless they can break a 7-strength code gate (with Yog being the most popular code gate breaker out there that could be tough)
Matrix Analyzer + Ice Wall lets me set up something where the more you run a server, the harder it is to run that server in the future, great for protecting R&D or HQ.
Data Raven + Muckraker lets me force the runner to accept a tag or end the run, then end the run if the runner is tagged & maybe add a whole bunch more tags.

main problem is I don't have enough economy cards in this deck, a lot of whether or not I get a good hand depends on whether or not I can score an early Melange Mining Corp, but I'm not sure what to take out. I can probably take out one Sunset and one Cell Portal, but that's still not enough.

Runner Deck: Chaos Theory, 40 cards

  • Programs
    • 2x Magnum Opus
    • 2x Femme Fatale (1 influence each)
    • 1x Crypsis
    • 2x Corroder (2 influence each)
    • 2x Yog.0 (1 influence each)
    • 2x Ninja (2 influence each)
  • Hardware
    • 2x Omni-Drive
    • 2x Dinosaurus
    • 2x The Personal Touch
    • 2x Plascrete Carapace
  • Resources
    • 3x Borrowed Satellite
    • 2x Sacrificial Construct
    • 1x Aesop's Pawnshop
    • 1x Ice Carver (3 influence each)
  • Events
    • 3x Diesel
    • 3x Test Run
    • 2x Modded
    • 3x Infiltration
    • 3x Sure Gamble

Once again, it feels like I'm having problems with economy. Modded saves me 3 creds on an install, Magnum Opus is incredible, Sure Gamble is also good but can only be used once, Aesop's is not a very dependable source of income since you have to trash something, I never use Infiltration to gain 2 credits, so those don't count. Really means my only econ cards are Modded, Magnum Opus, and Sure Gamble. What else can I do to gain credits fast?

I'm also potentially thinking about swapping out Corroder for Snowball, Snowball is, imo, just as good as Corroder, but it's a shaper card and that lets me free up some influence that I could use for Datasuckers instead.

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