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Star Wars the Adventure Card Game, printable game

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This is my first post of publicly posting this game I made based on the Star Wars Edge of the Empire theme with the Pathfinder the Adventure Card Game mechanics.


I feel it belong here because it's first and foremost a Star Wars fan-made version of the pathfinder game and hopefully I can find other fans that are willing to give the game a look and play it. Another reason is the use of the customized SW Edge dice and it's kinda hard to try the game without those dice even if you print the cards out.


You should try this game if you like adventure games (similar to a card version of descent, or the dnd games like Castle Ravenloft Board Game/Wrath of Ashardalon) and if you like Star Wars. You can play solo and up to 4 players and it's the player versus the game. What make the pathfinder card game mechanic more interesting then most is the persistent nature of the characters between scenarios and the fact you can upgrade your skills, stats, gear, etc.


Remember that this is a first release of a fan product and everything might not be perfectly balanced and work ok. Combat is especially hard to balance in this version since it's much more complex then in the original version (a good and bad thing).


If you have any question let me know, I would love to have any feedback you can give me.


How to play the game:

PDF of the cards:

Published Document of the cards:


Your best bet is to print the PDF, probably print the first page of cards first and make sure the size is correct for your cards sleeves and use cards from other ccgs as cardboard. You then insert the paper into the sleeves. This make the cards more bulky but still very playable.


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