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First 100 point squadron tournament play

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how does this look for my first 100 squadron? 

Slave 1/pilot: Bounty Hunter (33)

Modifications: Mercenary Copilot (2), Title: Slave 1 (0), Proton Torpedoes (4)

Squad cost: 39


Tie Advance/pilot: Darth Vader (29)

Modifications: Marksmanship (3)

Squad cost: 32


Tie Fighter/pilot: Black Squadron Pilot (14)

Modifications: Deadeye (1)

Squad cost: 15


Tie Fighter/pilot: Black Squadron Pilot (14)


Squad cost: 14


please feel free to make suggestions.

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I would recommend reevaluating some of your upgrades.


For a TIE Advanced, Marksmanship is somewhat underwhelming. After all, you're only rolling 2 damage dice. There are a lot of other EPTs that are more interesting with Vader...PTL let's him use 3 actions a turn. Swarm Tactics lets someone else shoot at PS9. Squad leader gives you the versatility of letting him use both actions or giving him 1 and another pilot a second action. If you really want to make things interesting, putting an engine upgrade on Vader gives him several more permutations of possible action combinations.


I'm unclear as to why you put Deadeye on BSP. If the BSP doesn't have munitions then Deadeye is a wasted point. Veteran Instincts, Determination or Draw Their Fire would all be better at 1 point.


It seems like, with the Bounty Hunter, you're trying to give him 2 crits on his proton torpedoes. I don't think that's bad, but I'm underwhelmed for a few reasons:

  • It's only one shot
  • It can be difficult to get off in the initial engagement. At ps3 you will only be target locking PS1-2s, and 3s if your opponent has initiative. That's six points sunk into getting a great hit off on an Academy TIE, rookie X-Wing or Blue Squadron, for example. What I mean is, it's arguably your best shot of the game against something that's probably not your opponent's biggest threat.
  • It can be difficult to get off after the initial engagement. A talented opponent will maneuver so that you are essentially forced to 4K your BH to pull it off, requiring a previously acquired target lock without a focus to really make things interesting. Otherwise they can just keep the fight outside your front arc and/or at close range.


I think your six points would be better spent elsewhere, personally. Using the same basic breakdown (TIE/A, 2x TIE, BH) I threw this together. I don't think it's going to win worlds but it should serve you well for casual play:


Darth Vader + Squad Leader - as aforementioned, Vader's innate dual action is really useful. This allows him to pass a second action off to someone else nearby if it would be more useful. For example, Vader and a TIE have barrel rolled out of arc of your opponent's ship; Vader at R2, TIE at R1. Vader can pass his second action to the TIE to let it get a focus since it is rolling 3 dice. Vader can also give his second action to Krassis, so Krassis can focus/evade every turn (probably don't need target lock in this build because of his innate ability).


Krassis Trellix + Heavy Laser Cannon + Merc Copilot - a different take on your bounty hunter. In your front arc you always roll 4 dice, and your opponent can't get range bonuses. What's more, Krassis fires before most generics and can use his reroll ability on the HLC.  The Merc Copilot is the only way you can crit with an HLC, but he's really there because you used him (I like Recon Specialist better, for a point more).


Academy Pilot x2 - had to shave points somewhere. You still have 2x TIEs, and these guys can serve as blockers for Vader and Trellix as well as underestimated support.


Hope this helps!



EDIT: Whoops, just saw you titled this for tournament play. What all do you have at your disposal? I think we can build something more competitive than what I just posted.

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thank you vexing. i'm still new to the game and haven't had much play time. I've got sometime before the tournament to reevaluate my squad. I've got the core set, slave 1, and an advance tie, also an A wing. i was going to play imperial since i have more ships. 

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I'm also shaking my head at some of those upgrade choices as vexingproposition already pointed out most of my issues:

1.  Merc + Proton = possibility of one good long range shot but it may be hard to pull off.

2.  Marksmanship on a 2 attack ship usually isn't worth.

3.  Deadeye need ordnance to be useful which TIE Fighters don't have.


When it come to Marksmanship I only consider it if I'll be making multiple attacks routinely (more than once) and/or I have an ability that interacts favorably with [crit] rolls.


I think you could make Vader, Firespray, T/F x2 work but it may not be easy.

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