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Return of the Dragon Lords fighting an instant card

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I just bought the game.


Im playing solo Return of the Dragon Lords.

I have a doubt when fighting an instant card:



for example, I complete my turn and I got the 5 cards in my hand.

Then I draw an event card and is an istant card.


Let's say my hand is:

2 footman

3 gold


my doubt is, since is an istant card:


Do I have to fight it in the spot just with the 2 footman?


Can I buy some more units with the 3 gold and then fight the instant card?




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You have to fight the instant with the two footman. You do not have an option to purchase more units during the event phase.


At least Footmen have the ability to draw you more Footmen. If you had two Berserkers or two Deepwood Archers, you'd be sunk.


Part of the strategy of Rune Age is making sure you have a balanced deck so you don't draw all gold when you need units and vice versa. However, since it is a card game, sometimes you just get unlucky hands.

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