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Revenant scenario help

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I want to game mastering this scenarion for my party, but we don't have the Gamemaster Toolkit.

Can somebody tell me what the Lurking Threat organization sheet do?


Thanks in advance!

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The Lurking Threat

(Guile, Intrigue, Rogue)

Stability track: 8-0 (6,3,0)//Agenda Track: 0-7 (4,7)

Talent socket:  Focus


The Weakest Link: When light is cast upon the cabal's plans, they quickly unravel. Once stability is lowered to 6 or less, reduce the Cunning budget of the cabal's members by one.  Once stability reaches 3 or less, members lose access to the oganization's Focus talent. If stability reaches zero, the members are filled with too much suspicion to operate effectively.

Shadows Within Shadows: Members gain one fortune die on all Stealth and Skullduggery checks. When their agenda reaches space 4, this bonus increases to one yellow die. When the agenda reaches the end of the track, their evil plans have come to fruition.


The cabal of conspirators operates in secret, relying on its members to use stealth, subtlty, and cunning to advance its plans.  The members lurk in the shadows of the Old World - darkened alleys, crumbling and abandoned ruins, the back rooms of run down taverns, the seedy districts of larger towns. Typical members may include a veritable rogues gallery of thugs, cut throats, miscreants, and street toughs.

  The Nemesis behind such an organization usrs its members to sow discord, distract his enemies, and disguise motivations. The Nemesis may send some of the nastier members of thr organisation to browbeat or intimidate those who get in his way, and he has no qualms about sacrificing low-standing members of the organization to complete his goals.

  The Lurking Threat may seek to foment rebellino in poorer districts, tryng to pull down the nobility and rich. They may even appear as champions for the lower caste's cause, but this is merely a means to an end. Often the greater goal is to create anarchy so the Nemesis can grab power, extend his influence, or accumulate riches..

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