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Navigating the Ruins (4A) Tile

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I'll be Overlording over the Cardinal's Plight tomorrow, but before that, I want to be clear on some rules regarding movement around the diagonally-adjacent Obstacles in the Ruins (4A) tile used in the Quest's first encounter.  This'll prevent any arguments that may arise when I throw big ol' Shadow Dragons into this area.



So if I'm understanding the rules correctly, the following points are true:


  • A ranged attack can be made between diagonally-adjacent Obstacles as long as it passes exactly through the shared corner without being parallel to either obstacle (exactly as described in the LoS example on p.12 of the rulebook).
  • A melee attack can similarly be made between diagonally-adjacent Obstacles since LoS is maintained.
  • Figures, including large monsters, are able to move between diagonally-adjacent Obstacles.

Are these points correct?



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Those points are correct. 


-If you can draw an unobstructed line from a corner of the attacker's spaces to a corner of the target space, you're good. Edges of a blocked space block LoS, but the corners of a blocked space do not. 


-Yes. When attacking melee (or ranged, for that matter,) adjacency automatically grants line of sight, unless ruled otherwise (like is the case for overgrowth.)


-Large monsters are treated as if they only occupy one space during their movement, so they can move through any space any other figure can. However, in order to interrupt or end a move action, the large monster must be able to: A) declare the action before being placed on the map (that is, if it a melee attack, it's one movement space must be adjacent to the target, it can't attack if it must "expand" before being adjacent) and B) have room to be placed on the map, as when the move is interrupted, the figure gets placed (that is, a shadow dragon could NOT declare an attack from either of those two bottom  left spaces because the presence of the obstacle won't allow the figure to fit.)


Also, there's been some talk about spaces around the edges of map tiles (places where the black wall artwork separates two spaces, and then protrudes slightly into the corner.) The spaces directly on the sides of the black wall are not adjacent, but those diagonal from each other are. In encounter 2, the door to the tomb creates this situation- after the door has been opened, the two spaces in the row above the door are not adjacent, even though they technically share that corner where the top of the door was. However, they're each adjacent to both of the spaces in the row immediately below them, Hopefully that makes sense. 

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