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if there was a new Deluxe/Battle Pack Cycle. what would you wanted to see in it ?

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While I appreciate there is no further developments for this wonderful LCG, however maybe one day there will be some reasons for FFG to look at further publishing or perhaps the publishers of fan expansion Forever War would consider.


If there ever was a new battle Pack cycle/Deluxe, what would you want to see inside ?


a} I know some people had asked to correct some cards in which had errata correction in the FAQ,


b} Many people asked for 4 Neutral Capital boards as oppose to cards {the same style as the original six faction boards}


How about :

c} More Quest cards ?

d} 1 more faction ? if yes, which faction ?

e} more of the original 6 and 4 neutral factions unit cards?

f} new idea`s {such as cities for each faction} or new area of play (Sea battles-Naval) ?

g} new hero`s?

h} More Fulcrum cards ?

i} More Legend cards ?

j} More support and tactic cards as oppose to more unit cards ?  

k} A new box which can fit all of the previously published cards + 1 Playmat + revised rulebook?

l} New Capital cards with dials displaying number of damages as oppose to placing tokens ?

m} other(what you think it should be on the dream list in which it has not been mentioned here)

n} The game is complete, do not add any more.



If you had a choice which of the above would be your top 3 ?



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Tomb kings faction that uses the sliver (magic)/outlands (lotr) mechanic.

That would represent them well.

Maybe make only certain units buff them to control power levels. Use named unique characters or something.

Throw some necromancy and light healing and that would be cool. Maybe have the necromancy and healing require you to exhaust a liche as part of the cost of the card

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As I have already written in different topics I have couple of ideas about new cards what it should be next, but to use your list that I would combine some new ideas to add extra winning conditions to the game in head to head games as get dominance points (like in the multiplayer) for special quests to win the game ("C" and "F"). E.g.: quest: Get 3 dominance if the quest has 3 resources token on it. Force: at the beginning of your turn put 1 resource to this card if 3 warrior questing here. That would open the gates for totally new visions. You shouldn’t think about ways to deal damages. You would think about build up an unbeatable defence and questing for the victory.

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I would also bring "Trap" cards in the game what you can play for defend your zone or attach to a quest (to an opponent's quest). Play as developments but you would be able to reveal it without ambush and trigger it when your opponent attack you. Also for quest you should attach to an opponent quest face down and reveal it any time in your phase wich would target the questing unit(s).


What do you think?

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I would have liked to have seen weather cards. Season cards similar to the game Runewars by FFG.

The weather implications impact on certain zones for both players would force the players to shift into adjusting their game strategies for one turn.

So players may build their own deck and know what cards are in their deck however they could never know which season cards could be drawn at the start of each round. some weather cards would be in favor of both players and some against both players and not in favor of one but against the other.

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