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Triggering Responses

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I got stuck with my responses lately. I know I can trigger multiple at the same time and that I can choose in what order I use them.

Example 1- Theodred + Aragorn:
1. Use Theodred to pass resource to Aragorn
2. Use resource you got from Theodred to ready Aragorn

Example 2 - Ancient Mathom + Elf-Stone
1. Use mathom to draw 3 cards
2. Put 1 ally into play that you just got from Ancient Mathom

Example 3 - Legolas + Blade of Gondolin
1. First use 1 progress of Blade of Gondolin to pass Quest card
2. Use Response of Legolas to put 2 progress on new Quest card

I find all these examples very clear and I know how to handle them.

Now the problem I encountered when you use the responses it is because something just happened. So therefore you could use a response (or multiple).  But I got stuck with using conflicting responses, can you use them? Examples:


Example 1: Valiant Sacrifice



If you have 2 of these I find you can use them both if you can pay 2 resources. But when you only have 1, and you draw the 2nd by Valiant Sacrifice can you use it instantly?

Example 2: Foe - Hammer


When I kill something and I use Foe-Hammer. Can I use another copy (as long as I have weapons available to exhaust for this attack) of Foe-Hammer for the same kill if I draw it by Foe-Hammer?



I couldn't find anything for this very specific case in the F.A.Q. 1.6., but I personally think it shouldn't be possible since it seems awkward to me to use responses of cards you didn't have when triggered. If you had all cards in hands already there is no problem to me since you can trigger all responses in the same response window (the order of execution is up to the players).



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The game still has not moved forward, from a mechanical point of view, from the window where responses are triggered after you have drawn the cards. So yes you can stack Valiant Sacrifice and Foe-Hammer that you have just drawn on that same triggering event on which you used the first event.


The question was answered like this a few months back iirc

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Yup, NM is right and it's a legal play, clarified in antiquity by Nate:


Response effects are resolved completely before the next response is 

Situation 1

Play and resolve the first copy. (Draw 2 cards)

Play and resolve the second copy. (Draw 2 more cards)

Situation 2

Yes, you can play the copy you just drew.

Nate French
Senior Game Designer
Fantasy Flight Games


source thread here.

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