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Beginner Game vs. Not

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The beginner's game has simplified rules. The regular game uses a mechanic called Obligation to drive some of the drama of the game, this is not featured in the beginner's box. Some skills are consolidated into one skill (for example, the different kinds of knowledge fold into one knowledge skill). The beginner's game comes with pre-made characters and lacks the rules for character creation.


In general the boxed set is an excellent introduction to the game. It's designed to let you learn the system as you run through the adventure. Once your players have enjoyed it they only need to learn a few more things to play the regular game.

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The beginner box has a Beginner Game Rulebook that is 47 pages long. The full rules are over 400 pages. 


Like Midnight said, the beginner rules don't include character creation or Obligation.


The beginner rules are less complicated, but the simplified rules don't always match directly what is in the full rules.


An example would be the critical hit rules. In the beginner rules they just count how many critical hits you have gotten and then you take the penalty for the next critical hit level if you get critically hit again. In the full rules they have a chart that you roll a percentage on and there are many modifiers to see what happens when you score a critical hit. 


Things you get when you go from the beginner box rules to the full rules:


In character creation:

character creation rules (beginner has pre-generated)

Sub classes

More species

more skills

Many more special talents for character advancement

Force Powers

Character Motivations

Obligation (and rules on how to use it in campaigns)


Game play features:

Full Critical Hit rules for players and ship combat

Fear rules

More ways to interpret special characters on dice rolls.

More detail on combat modifiers (concealment, terrain, hazards, falling, status effects, etc.)

More information on ship combat and systems.

More gear

Modifications/upgrades for weapons/armor

More ships

More NPC



An adventure

More descriptions and examples

More Art

Galaxy Map

Planet/sector descriptions

Info on laws and society

Blank sheets to use for characters/groups/ship



After saying all that, I'd suggest starting with the basic rules just to get the hang of the dice system without having too many other things to deal with. 


I'm actually sticking with the basic rules for my family game just because less complicated rules work better for the game. My bearded guy group would not want to play without the full rules and every book after that, however. 

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I am running the Beginner Box game for EotE for the first time after extensively playing with the core rules...So, already having a pretty decent grasp on them, I have been using the crit tables, full combat modifiers, full ship rules, and the full dice interpretation mechanics. I was thrown into the fire as a player, so to speak, as I joined my group after they had moved on from the starter stuff to the adventure in the Core Rule Book and the GM Toolkit. I then took over as GM and ran Rendezvous at Ord Mantel (Converted by Donovan Morningfire, posted in the materials sticky in the EotE forum) and Beyond the Rim.


I think Mr Hotter's post above gets to the point and tells exactly what the main differences are. I would argue though, that if you (the GM) are comfortable with the full rules, I would run them. I don't find that they are too difficult for new players to learn (and might actually be less confusing then trying to introduce/convert them later?), but I admit that there is allot for a brand new GM to handle right out of the gate.  

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