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Jinteki Replicating Perfection Fun Police

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This is my spin on the "Fun Police" deck. Caprice and Ash defend a remote, the rest pretty much go down bare. ICE is meant to be taxing and porous, encouraging the runner to waste resources on runs into R&D and HQ that won't net them anything but disappointment or the chance to trash an asset before it gets into play and becomes that much harder to burn. It isn't very good for card draw, though it doesn't really want for acceleration, being more deliberate in style. Interns is alright recurse when its needed, I'd like better if I could afford it, but the influence is pretty well locked down.



Fun Police (49 cards, 21 Agenda Points, 15 / 15 Influence)
Jinteki: Replicating Perfection
Agenda (9)
3 NAPD Contract
3 Nisei MK II
3 The Future Perfect
Asset (10)
3 Encryption Protocol * * *
2 Melange Mining Corp
2 Shi.Kyu
3 Sundew
Upgrade (6)
3 Ash 2X3ZB9CY ** ** **
3 Caprice Nisei
Operation (9)
2 Celebrity Gift
2 Diversified Portfolio
3 Hedge Fund
2 Interns
Barrier (5)
2 Eli 1.0 * *
3 Wall of Thorns
Code Gate (5)
2 Enigma
1 Inazuma
2 Tollbooth ** **
Sentry (5)
2 Komainu
2 Pup
1 Susanoo-No-Mikoto




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I made a deck like this, but I focused on using the Encryption Protocols to make Strong Box/Red Herrings/Off the Grid more painful. That basically ate all my influence. I also used Pad Campaigns and Mental Health Clinics for economy. I am still waffling on whether to use Nisei mk2 or Medical Breakthrough.


Strongbox also hasn't been working as well as I would have hoped, and the two I am running may become Ash. I do like that Strongbox is back breaking to a R&D deep dig deck, but that may not be enough to salvage it.

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If taxing the runner is what you want, my thought would be on the mental health clinic over the melange at that point.  Just because it is a little more guaranteed to sit around or cost them something significant and further benefit your diversified portfolio.

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