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The Legend of the White Sailor and the Hot White Flame (session report)

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After defeating the last combo in the Dagon & Hydra series (Daoloth), I decided to take a break from the complete rotation of Heralds and move to the first series in the rotation of Guardians. So, for tonight and the next 23 challenges, Nodens entered the mix. Out Innsmouth, back in Dunwich. Mythos deck: AH, DH, KH, LatT, MH. 5 to play, and the first game smelled like powerplay, with Mark, Jenny, Wendy, Gloria and Ursula in the mix (which means 17 starting clues out of 30 required to win) against poor Cthugha.


Setup left everyone loaded with weapons, so that the game wasn't really a problem. Independence Square, Witch House, Woods were sealed very early in the game (2 seals on the board by the end of Mythos 3, one more in the following round) and with no DOR track to be scared of, sealing high freq early in the game is good. At a certain point I had 3 gates in a row bouncing on the Witch House, and then, when Nightmare Pool arrived, I considered failing it because I needed fresh gates. Still, the rumor was passed in just one round, resulting in everyone being even more loaded with weapons and good stuff. I had Gloria with a gate box and Jenny entereing the same Yuggoth gate and when they returned, they split so that a victory by closing gates was scored. Cthugha's flame was never hot enough to cook an hamburger, imagine a beef as big as Arkham (victory in 13 Mythos - mostly due to gate openings bumping on seals, otherwise the party had resources to win in half the time - terror 0, doom track at 6).


Some remarks. One especially is very important to me. At a certain point of the game (very early, I'd say, it happened in 5 Mythos) a rift opened. It was kept under control and finally closed, but at that time, I had Ursula with no money but a ton of trophies stuck in Kingsport. So..


I went to the Northpoint Lighthouse.


Had a chat with Basil Elton.


Showed him proof I was good at protecting Arkham and the surrounding cities in the eternal struggle against the Ancient Ones.


He smiled, and allowed me to seal to Celeano as Captain of the White Ship.


(sorry folks, I had to share this. It was so emotionally incredible that I almost cried. 320+ Arkham games played, and I never had a chance to do it. The game was won, there was nothing to do and the ship was useless in terms of gameplay, but, heck, I sailed to Celeano. Best moment in my Arkham life)

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