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Directions Confusing - Questions about Cowboys, Dice, etc. HELP!

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When do cowboys come out of supply? After all others are dead?

How many dice you roll? I had level 3, she had level 2. We both used a cartridge. So how many totals? Who rolls first? What if you roll a 6 and a 5. Does 6 rule every time with dead cowboy?

When you annex a building do you have to remain there to keep control/annex?

My 13 year old son wanted this game (I tried to steer him away from it) and I'm having trouble teaching him how to play it. The darn directions are not clear and there's way to many cards/tokens for game play.

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Cowboys come out of supply when you go to the Saloon and buy more.  They are taken out of the supply and put into the mines.


You would roll 4 dice, she would roll 3.  So you would roll one die before her, then you would roll one die each at the same time, until one is dead, or you are out of dice.


Yes, if you leave the building, you lost control of that building.


I hope this helps.

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