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Jaes new update - crown of destiny

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I must say i'm disapointed. I hope his heroic feat would have been remade differently, so he could be a fun runemaster to be played.


Since he got a runic sword thing in his hand, he would be one of the better choice as a runemaster (an gain the more stamina with inscribed runes). With inscribed runes, he could treat any weapon as a rune, like a sword, and break it to do massive funny damages.


BUT, his heroic feat need a magic weapon, so he would not be able to use his runic sword in heroic feat. And magic weapon are rare and mostly useless ...


So, what if the heroic feat was


action : make an attack using a rune or a magic weapon.

If this weapon is magic, the attack gains pierc 3

If the weapon is a rune, add 1 surge to the attack


So this way the combo would still be able, and not so breaked.

What do you think, guys ?

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