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Baron Soontir Fel

The Big X-Wing Trade Thread

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Last updated Mar 15, 2018

AA Han Solo (Winter 2014)
AA Corran Horn (Summer 2016)
AA IG88-C (Spring 2016)
AA Omicron Group Pilot (Q4 2017)
4x AA Crackshot (Q3 2017)
AA Tactician (Q2 2017)
AA Swarm Tactics (Q1 2017)
AA Predator (Summer 2016)
AA VI (Spring 2016)
AA Gunner (Winter 2016)
AA Recon Specialist (Summer 2015)
5x Ion Tokens (Spring 2016)
5x Stress tokens (Summer 2016)
1x Winter 2015 Kit Poster (Imperial ace interceptor)

Non AA cards
"Zeb" Orrelios (Attack Shuttle)
Ezra Bridger (Attack Shuttle)
Sabine Wren (Attack Shuttle)
Hera Syndulla (Attack Shuttle)
Advanced Targeting Computer


Wants  (willing to trade multiple for one of those)
AA Inquisitor
AA IG-88B (System open 2018)
AA Dengar (System open 2018)

AA Vader (Worlds 2014)
AA Lando (Nationals 2013)
AA Wedge (Seasonal 2013)
AA Push the limit
AA BB-8 (open series 2016)
FFG Shield tokens
FFG clear dice
(I will consider offers with other AA pilot cards too)

Successfully completed trades 9, with:
Jeff Wilder

Located in Tokyo and happy to trade anywhere in the world.

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Update time 

I'm UK based but happy to trade internationally, having done so successfully into Europe and the US

Looking for

Armada Worlds 2018 Leia Alt Art

Armada Euros 2018 Commander Sato Alt Art 

Armada FFG acrylic contain tokens (nationals 2017) 

x wing 2018 Regional dice (4/4) 

X wing 2018 SOS Green shield tokens x 5

X wing Worlds 2018 Zealous Recruit spot gloss


Have for trade;-


Victory 1 Spot gloss alt art

Alt Art Mon Mothma - gencon 2015

acrylic promo squadron tokens x 5 (original set) 

Alt Art Admiral Ackbar (Italian) 

X Wing - all cards FFG promos

Set of 6 V2 scum title cards

Nationals 2017 Target Locks (3 pairs of Locks)

Alt Art Howlrunner (English and Italian) - Nationals 2017

Alt Art Spot Gloss Black Squ

2018 SoS Target Lock 
2018 SoS Resistance/Mandalorian Mercenary Paper
2018 SoS Resistance/Mandalorian Mercenary Spot gloss 

Alt Art Zuckuss - Regionals 2018 

Alt Art Red Ace - regionals 2016/17

Set of 5 acrylic tractor beam token

2017 SC Orange Range rulers, 1, 2 and 3

Acrylic 2016 Ion tokens - packs of 3

agent kallus token from 2017 SC 

Alt Art Poe Dameron

Alt Art double sided Vader/Luke

Alt Art Hera - regionals 2016

Alt Art 2017 SoS Baron of the empire/Lothal rebel Card version 

Alt Art 2016 SOS BB8 upgrade card

Alt Art Swarm Tactics

Alt Art Engine Upgrade

Alt Art Predator

Alt art Crackshot 

Alt Art Tactician 

Alt art Soontir Fel

Star Wars LCG

Alt Art Boba Fett - worlds 2016

Edited by kharas1

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Desperately seeking 2016 System Open Aurebesh BB-8 AA!  

  • 2017 Q4 Illicit tokens
  • AA Tactician
  • AA Poe Dameron (PS8)
  • AA Crackshot
  • AA Omicron Pilot
  • AA Corran Horn
  • AA Engine Upgrade
  • AA Swarm Tactics
  • AA Omega Leader
  • AA Gunner
  • AA Horton Salm
  • AA Zuckuss
  • 40th Anniversary R2-D2/Integrated Astromech combo card
  • Erratum deck from FAQ 4.3.2
  • Gold Squadron Captain Oicuun AA
  • 2018 System Open TLs (x3)
  • AA Bossk
  • AA Boba Fett
  • AA Dengar
  • AA IG-88B
  • AA double-sided Resistance Sympathizer and Mandalorian Mercenary
  • AA double-sided Millennium Falcon and Slave I title
  • 2018 System Open Boba Fett Damage Deck
  • AA double-sided Lothal Rebel and Baron of the Empire

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Based in Czech Republic, but succesfully trading worldwide, already aces - more then 7 times confirmed trader.(page 73,76,78,80,81,87,91, 98)

Thank you

all english version
AA Gunner
AA Recon Specialist 
AA Predator
AA Veteran Instincts
AA IG-88

Promo Acrylic Token from Tournament kits

WANTS (bold priority wants :-) )
R2 Astromech x2
New Millenium Falcor (HotR) title
Black One Title (HotR)
TIE/x7 Title
TIE/D title
Maarek Stele TIE/D Pilot + Insert
Star Viper Mk II title 3x
Vaksai title 

Harpoon Missiles
Scourge Pilot Card only (no insert needed)
Poe Dameron HotR Pilot Card and Base Insert
Rey Pilot card and base insert

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Based in Czech Republic and made several international trades already. All cards in English:

I Offer:
AA Hera Syndula
AA Dash Rendar
AA Corran Horn
AA Red Ace
AA Predator
AA Veteran Instincts
AA Recon Specialist

I Seek:
AA Poe Dameron
AA Ello Asty
AA Wedge Antilles
AA Luke Skywalker

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34 minutes ago, TK_421 said:

Soooo anyone looking to trade away their alt art C-3POs, AA BB-8s, AA Wedge's, and AA Rey's now that x-wing is over?

I have a shitload of AA upgrades and pilots if you are actually looking to buy some. If not, I'll be putting them all on Ebay soon.

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·         2017 Nationals Target Lock Tokens
·         Flight Assist Astromech *3
·         TIE Silencer Expansion / or upgrades
·         Phantom II Expansion / or upgrades

·         Acrylic 2017 Q3 Focus Tokens
·         AA Ello Asty
·         AA Poe
·         Custom AA Miranda Doni
·         AA Soontir Fel
·         AA Omicron Group Pilot
·         AA Dagger Sq Pilot
·         AA Academy Pilot
·         Custom AA Countess Ryad
·         AA Veteran Instincts
·         AA Tactician
·         AA Gunner
·         AA Recon Specialist
·         AA Push the Limit
·         AA Predator
·         Custom AA Attanni Mindlink
·         TIE/X1  |  Advanced Targeting Computer
·         Integrated Astromech
·         Push the Limit
·         Twin Laser Turret
·         Advanced SLAM
·         Juke
·        Comm Relay
·         Adaptability
·         Attanni Mindlink

-       MODIFICATIONS - Engine Upgrade Shield Upgrade Hull Upgrade Stealth Device Munitions Failsafe Tactical Jammer Guidance Chips Long-Range Scanners Targeting Computer Anti-Pursuit Lasers Accuracy Corrector Electronic Baffle Enhanced Scopes 
-       CANNONS-Heavy Laser, Ion, Tractor Beam, Autoblaster 
-       TURRETS-Twin Laser, Dorsal Turret Homing, Assault, Concussion, Cluster, Ion Pulse
-       TORPEDOES-Ion, Proton, Flechette, Plasma, Ion, Proton
-       MISSLES- Adv. Homing, Ion Pulse, concussion, proton rockets, homing, cluster
-       BOMBS(cards only)- Proton, Seismic Charges, Ion, cluster, conner net, (proxy w/ token)
-       EPTs- Determination, Predator, Outmaneuver, Stay on Target, Expert Handling, Deadeye, Rage, Marksmanship, Expose
-       SCUM Hot Shot Blaster Feedback Array  Glitterstim Dead Man's Switch Inertial Dampeners Outlaw Tech 4-Lom Zuckuss, Gonk, Boba Fett, Overclocked R4, Unhinged, Overclocked Astromech
-       TITLES-  X7 TIE / D TIE Shuttle, Moldy Crow, Ghost, Punishing One B-wing-E2 BTL-A4 Y-wing Bomb Loadout Y-wing
-        CREW- Gunner Weapons Engineer Mercenary Copilot 
-       EPIC- Gunnery Team, tantive IV, sensor team, jaina’s light, dodonnas pride, single turbolasers, quad laser cannons
·         MISC – CR-90 Damage Deck & ship cards, debris tokens, range ruler-regular& epic, defender dial, interceptor dial, imp aces pilots,
PILOT CARDS-  omega leader, winged gundark, backstabber, howlrunner,  lothal rebel, kanan, tycho chelchu, arvel crynyd, zeta sq pilot, omega squ pilot, (manaroo, dengar, tel trevura pilots & bases), kyle katarn, rebel op
PILOT BASES- Dutch/gold; Horton/gray; luke/red sq; sabine shuttle, han ors/roark; kyle katarn/ rebel op

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Just wanting to get a hold of another Alpha-class Starwing ship. I have a lot of extra upgrade cards, pilots cards, and even a few alternate art stuff. 

I’m in Los Angeles California, and I have a list of previous trade references if needed.

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14 minutes ago, Zero8855 said:

Just wanting to get a hold of another Alpha-class Starwing ship. I have a lot of extra upgrade cards, pilots cards, and even a few alternate art stuff. 

I’m in Los Angeles California, and I have a list of previous trade references if needed.

Shoot me a PM, I have one sealed in box.

Edited by impspy

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Lots of stuff up for trade!



Imperial assault carrier NIB

Tie Bomber NIB

b-wing NIB

x-wing dial/stand

Tie Defender Complete

IG-2000 Complete

Guns for Hire Missing Harpoons

Tie F/0 dial/stand

t-70 Dial/Stand

Jumpmaster 5k complete




R2 astormech




R5 astromech


R7 astromech x2



Bombs: these have no tokens. Cards only.

Cluster mines x6

Conner net x2

Ion bombs x3

Seismic charges x5

Thermal Detonators

Proton bombs x5

Proximity Mines x5



Autoblaster x4

Heavy laser Cannon x4

Ion Cannon x2

Mangler Cannon

Tractor Beam



Broadcast Array

Cluster bombs x2

Docking Clamps



Baze malbus


Boba Fett

Bohdi Rook


Cassian Andor

Captain Rex



Construction Droid x2

Dash render


Ezra Bridger

Flight Instructior

Gunner x2

Hera Syndulla

Inspiring Recruit x2

Intelligence agent x3

Jan Ors

Jyn  Erso

Kanan Jarrus

Ketsu Onyo

Kyle Katarn

Lando Calrissian

Latts Razzi


Luke Skywalker

Mercenary copilot x2


Nien Numb

Recon specialist x3

Sabine Wren

Tactician x4

Weapons engineer x2



A Score to Settle x3

Adrenaline Rush x3

Attanni Mindlink x9

Bodyguard x2

Calculation x2

Crack Shot x4

Daredevil x2

Deadeye x3


Determination x4

Draw Their Fire

Elusiveness x3

Expert Handling x4

Expertise x2

Expose x2

Intimidation x2


Lightning reflexes

Lone wolf

Marksmanship x5

Opportunist x4

Outmaneuver x5

Predator x5

Push the limit x4

Rage x5

Stay on target

Squad Leader x3

Swarm tactics x4

Veteran instincts x3

Wingman x2



Black Market Slicer tools x2

Cloaking device

Dead Man Switch x4

Emp device

Feedback array x8

Glitterstim x2

Hot shot blaster

Inertial dampeners x4

Rigged cargo chute

Scavenger crane



Adv homing missiles x3

Assault missiles x5

Chardaan Refit x5

Cluster missiles x5

Concussion missiles x4

Ion pulse missiles x4

Homing missiles x7

Proton rockets x5

xx-23 s-thread tracers



advanced slam x4

anit pursuit lasers x2

automated protocols x2

b-wing/e2 x4

captured tie

counter meausres x3

engine upgrade

Experimental interface

Guidance chips x11

Maneuvering fins

Gyroscopic targeting

Munitions failsafe x4

Optimized generators x2

Hull upgrade x6

Long range scanners x2

Ordnance tubes x2

Shield upgrade x6

Stealth Device x6

Tactical jammer x4

Targeting computer x4



a-wing test polot x3


Heavy scyk x2

Ig-2000 x2

Millennium falcon (OT)


Phantom I

Pivot wing

Punishing one

Sabines masterpiece

Shadow caster

Slave 1




Comm relay

Hyperwave comm scanner x3



Adv proton torpedoes x7

Bomb load out

Extra munitions x3

Flechette torpedoes x5

Ion torpedoes x6

Plasma torpedoes x7

Proton torpedoes x8



Autoblaster turret

Blaster turret x3

Dorsal turret x3

Ion cannon turret x2



Dual laser turret



Ordnance experts x2


Salvaged astromechs:

Overclocked r4 x7

R4 agromech x6


Salvaged astromech

Unhinged astromech



Accuracy corrector x4

Advanced sensors x3

Electronic baffle

Enhanced scopes x6

Fire control x6

Reinforced deflectors x2

Sensor Jammer x2


Alternate Art Pilots: All official FFG unless noted:


Ketsu Onyo x2

Luke/vader double side

Maarek Stele  -custom 2016 Stele open

Academy Pilot

Omega Ace x2

Omega Leader x3

Omnicron group pilot x3

Poe Dameron PS8

Gold Squadron Pilot

Ello Asty


Alternate Art Upgrades:

Gunner x5

Recon specialist x2

Tactician x4

Crack shot x14

Predator x5

Push the limit x2

Swarm Tactics x3

Veteran Instincts x5

40th anniversary rd2d/intergrated Astomech combo x3

Engine Upgrade x5



2016 Stele Open Jakku Mat


WANTS. Will trade any reasonable combination of the above for the following:

2017 Regional Dice

2018 regional dice

FFG acrylic Proximity mine token

FFG Proton Bomb Token

FFG acrylic seismic bomb token x3

FFG acrylic connor net token

2018 SOS Boba Fett Damage Deck

2017 Red sos shield token set

2018 sos shield token set

Any FFGacrylic/Metal  shield token set

Second edition t-65 expansion

Second edition promo mug from worlds

2018 worlds alt art fen rau

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WTT Ships - USA

Would like to trade some ships, would prefer trading complete for complete and more than one at a time. Also have promo upgrades and acrylics if you're looking for any of those even with the 2.0 announcement.

Shadow Caster
Star Wing
TIE Aggressor
TIE Silencer
Phantom II
Sabine's TIE

Pretty much any other ship besides the Raider

Edited by chief4ryan

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WTS/WTT Alt-Art Promos, T-70, Upgrades, Australia

T-70 X-Wing and pilots (TFA Core, plus Ello Asty)
2017 Worlds Rey
Store Kit Omega Leader x2
Paul LaRue Duchess/Cassian two-card set (unofficcial)
Double sided Luke/Vader x2
Omicron Group Pilot x3
Gunner x2
Swarm Tactics x4
Predator x3
Crack Shot x6

I also have various upgrade cards, including harpoons, TLT, guidance chips, etc.

TIE Defender
TIE Bomber
Perhaps other ships

Edited by gadwag

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WTT, US, X-Wing Alt Arts for dice


- Worlds Lando

- Worlds Vader

- Worlds Rey

- Worlds Imperial Boba Fett

- Worlds Han Solo (Art)

- Worlds Mauler Mithel

- Nationals Luke Skywalker (Art)

- Nationals Backstabber

- Nationals Chewbacca

- Nationals Spot Gloss Miranda

- Spot Gloss Biggs

- Spot Gloss Black Squadron Tie

- Nationals Bossk

- Adepticon 4 Bounty Hunters

- Regionals Luke Skywalker (Movie Still)

- Regionals Hera Syndulla

- Regionals Zuckuss

- Corvette Alt Art

- Disco Vader

- BB-8 Aurebesh

- Guri 

- Han Solo Gen Con (TFA Art)

- Howlrunner (Polish)

- Light green circle focus tokens (not the oval ones) 

Lots of the more common alt arts, so if you don't see it listed, please ask. 



- Regionals Dice from any year

Edited by AwingsAreAwesome
Updating inventory

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1 hour ago, Jiron said:

I would like to report amazing trade with @gadwag. A nice international (across globe) deal with fellow rodian.

Thanks pal.

No worries Jiron, it was a pleasure doing business with you. Simple negotiation, quick payment, and all-round a pleasant transaction.

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