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Baron Soontir Fel

The Big X-Wing Trade Thread

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Time to Update the post again 

I'm UK based but happy to trade internationally, having done so successfully into Europe and the US

Looking for

Armada Major Rhymer (nationals 2017) 

Armada spot gloss promo GR75/Gozanti (nationals 2017) 

x wing promo Backstabber 

x wing spot gloss promo Miranda

x wing Vader movie still promo 

Armada turn counter from Q2 kit

Armada objective markers from Q3 kit


Have for trade;-

Star Wars LCG

Alt Art Boba Fett - worlds 2016

Imperial Assault

Alt Art Leia - Worlds 2016

Nationals 2017 R2D2

Lando Calrissian 

Wampa (double sided)

Imperial officer 



Alt Art Admiral Screed - Euro 2017

Alt Art Mon Mothma - gencon 2015

acrylic promo squadron tokens x 5 

acrylic set up markers and initiative token

Alt Art Admiral Ackbar (Italian) 

X Wing - all cards FFG promos

Alt Art Red Ace - regionals 2016/17

Alt Art Boba Fett (scum) 

Alt Art Bossk 

Alt Art Ketsu 

Alt art Han Solo - worlds 2015

Set of 5 acrylic tractor beam token

2017 SC Orange Range rulers, 1, 2 and 3

Acrylic cluster Mines set (correct size) regional 2016

Acrylic Shield tokens from 2016 Open (blue) - 5 total

Acrylic 2016 Ion tokens - packs of 3

agent kallus token from 2017 SC 

Alt Art Luke Skywalker (illustrated)

Alt Art Poe Dameron

Alt Art double sided Vader/Luke

Alt Art Hera - regionals 2016

Alt Art 2017 open series - card version Baron of the empire/Lothal rebel

Alt Art Swarm Tactics

Alt Art Engine Upgrade

Alt Art Predator

Alt art Rec Spec

Alt Art VI

Alt art Soontir Fel


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Hi all! Just looking to grab some upgrades if possible without buying non-Imperial ships :)


I'm looking for:



I'm offering:

Autothrusters (am I the only person who's bought a bunch of starvipers just for the starvipers?)


Comms Relay

Twin Laser Turret


U.S.A. trades are preferable! Thanks for reading!


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Update 10-4-17

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You know, what? Sure... Anybody in the GTA (or Southern Ontario) have an old TIE Phantom that's unloved and collecting dust on the shelf? I think I want a fourth to randomly crash a tournament with. I'm saying locally so to eliminate the need for shipping if possible. I've got a few ships (scum mostly) I never use.

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I have only two X-wing wants at this time


AA Backstabber

and the new

AA spot gloss Miranda.


I have a large range of trades for x-wing,imperial assault,armada and a few for destiny

please PM me

UK /WTT                                                                                







spot gloss GR75/Gozinti carrier



spot gloss miranda

AA backstabber


imperial assault

spot gloss fenn



spot gloss first order stormtrooper

AA emperors throne room





spot gloss biggs darklighter x1

 Alternate art Boba Fett (imperial) x2 worlds 2013

 alternate art Darth vader(movie still)  x1 worlds 2014

alternate art Rey x1 worlds 2017

 alternate art EPIC targeting coordinator x1

 alternate art Ello Asty x1

 alternate art Omega Ace x1

 alternate art Dagger Squadron Pilot x5 2014 Organized Play Season 1

 alternate art Academy Pilot x3  2014 Summer Tournament Kit

 alternate art Black Squadron Pilot x1 2013 Organized Play Season 2

 alternate art Ten Numb x1

 alternate art Soontir Fel x1  2015 Store Championship

 alternate art luke/vader fathers day x1 2016 Fathers Day Event

 alternate art Han solo (picture art) x1 2014 Winter Tournament Kit

 alternate art Poe Dameron (skill 8) x1  Store Demo Kit

 alternate art Darth vader (picture art) x1 2015 Winter Tournament Kit

alternate art omega leader

 alternate art Preadator x5 2016 Summer Tournament Kit

 alternate art recon specialist x4  2015 Summer Tournament Kit

 alternate art gunner x3  2015 Winter Tournament Kit

 alternate art veteran instincts x4  2016 Spring Tournament Kit

 alternate art Swarm Tactics x4

 alternate art Tactician x4

alternate art crack shot x4

 alternate art C-3PO X2  2016 Store Championship



2017 regional dice set of 8


ACRYLICS for X-wing

2012 Kit range ruler rebel

2014 store championship range

2016 store championship range ruler

acrylic 4 wins yavin open target lock

acrylic 5 wins yavin open target lock

acrylic 6 win yavin open  target lock

 acrylic dark green focus tokens x4

acrylic light green focus tokens x10

acrylic light green evade tokens x16

acrylic lime green oblong evade tokens 2017x10

acrylic lime green oval focus tokens 2017 x10

acrylic dark blue shield tokens x10

Acrylic Cloak tokens x3

Acrylic stress tokens dark and red x10

 acrylic ion tokens x15 (new red and white ones)

 acrylic stress tokens x27 (new red and black ones)

acrylic sesmic charge token x1

 acrylic munition tokens x5

x-wing bags various types



 spot gloss HK assassin droid x1(only for acrylic spot gloss cards)

 alternate art Trandoshan Hunter Adeptacon  x2

 alternate art R2D2 nationals 2017 x2

 alternate art lando calrissian  regionals 2017 x1

 alternate art e-web (only for spot glosses i need) x1

 alternate art rebel trooper x4

  alaternate art stormtrooper x2

 alternate art nexu x1

 alternate art the grand inquisitor x1

 alternate art trandoshan hunter x2

 alternate art rebel saboteours x3

 alternate art  tusken raider x3

 alternate art royal guard x3

 alternate art bantha x3

 alternate art C-3po x1

 alternate art C-3po (polish) x1

 alternate art royal guard champion x2

 alternate art unshakable x 4

 alternate art imperial officer x3

 alternate art chewbacca x1

 alternate art alliance smuggler x 2





Regional Dice

red x1

yellow x1

white x1



focus tokens x10

terminals white x3

terminals red x 10

objective token black x 10

stun tokens x10

 health dial x3

score dial (store championship 2017) x1


assorted bags


scum symbol medal x1



imperial II class star destroyer (sullest event) x3

raider I-class corvette x5

 MC80 assault cruiser x3

GR-75 Medium transport x3

Nebulon-B escort frigate x4

Boba fett slave 1 x1

Han solo millennium falcon x1

Tie Interceptor Squadron x 2

A-wing squadron x1

x-wing squadronx4

TIE fighter squadron x4

Admiral ackbar x1

General Dodonna x1

Rapid reload x 4

turbolaser reroute circuit x4

Leading shots x4

Assault proton torpedoes x 4

XI7 turbolaser x4

corillian conflict promo:

saber squadron tie interceptor x1

objective fighter squadron (rebel symbol)



acrylic tokens

Green and white range ruler

objective tokens red x6

evade tokens x10

command tokens concentrated fire x5

command tokens repair x5

command tokens squadron x10

command tokens navigation x5


bags assorted


winter 2015 x2


spring 2016

summer 2016

2016 store championships




ledgendary quadjumper card and dice


shield tokens x3

credit tokens x5

promo cards no dice

Finn x2

Guard x4

mon mothma x1

jango fett x1

the best defence x 4

death trooper x4

overkill x1

shuttle x1

spot gloss captain phasma x1

captain phasma play mat x1


2017 euro's coin x1


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  • Exclusive Wraith Squadron Podcast Wedge Antilles Pilot 
  • AA C-3P0
  • AA Academy Pilot
  • AA Scimitar Squadron Pilots
  • AA Gunner
  • AA Recon Specialist
  • AA Hera Syndulla
  • AA Recon Specialist
  • AA Predator
  • Acrylic Cloak Tokens
  • Dual Sided Luke Skywalker/Darth Vader ship card (Father's Day 2016)
  • "Paul Heaver" Biggs Darklighter card courtesy of Krayt Squadron from Worlds 2017
  • Hera Syndulla Alt Art Pilot

Imperial Assault

  • Full Size Junk Droid and Acrylic Junk Droid Token
  • Red Store Championship Acrylic Terminals
  • AA Unshakeable
  • 2017 Store Champs Score Dial
  • AA Rebel Troopers
  • AA Trandoshan Hunters
  • AA Luke Skywalker
  • AA C-3PO
  • AA Imperial Officer
  • Acrylic Focus Tokens
  • Acrylic Stun Tokens
  • Acrylic Crates


  • AA X-Wing Squadron
  • Acrylic Squadron Tokens
  • Star Destroyer Dice Bags


  • Smuggler's Bounty box exclusive pop figures. I have number 63 flocked Chewbacca, number 102 jetpacking Boba Fett, and number 103 IG-88


Imperial Assault

  • Wound Dials
  • Continentals Objective Tokens
  • Elite Weequay card
  • Elite Jet Trooper Card
  • Comms Disruption
  • Cut Lines
  • Cross Training
  • Acrylic Hidden Tokens


  • AA Bossk
  • Scavenger Crane Upgrade Card
  • Acrylic Focus Tokens (Frosted Green)
  • Aurebesh Lothal Rebel


  • Forces and Destiny Core Rulebook
  • Starter Game, any line
  • GM Screen, any line
  • Any source book besides Lord of Nal Hutta
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Updates after trades

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So I'm trying to re-build my stolen collection, andi've been doing so by buying other people's collections. It's left me with some ships I don't particularly want. 

Here's what I'm trying to get rid of.
2x HWK 290 conversions from Most Wanted
2x Firespray conversions from Most Wanted (only 1 Andrasta)
2 Y-wing conversions from Most Wanted (2 dials, 2 of each droid, 2 of each title, 2 bomb loadout, 3 chits)
YV-666 (NIB)
YT-2400 (No Upgrades)

And the following upgrade cards and probably some more- 

Ketsu Onyo, IG-88D, 2x Tactical Jammer, Veteran Instincts, Genius, Greedo, K4 Security Droid, Outlaw Tech, 2x Hot Shot Blaster, 2x Autoblaster Turret, Cruise Missile, Synced Turret, Cad Bane, R4-E1, Promo C3-P0.

I'm looking for the following upgrade cards that don't come in expansions I'm planning on getting

2x R2 Astromech
2x Adaptability
1x Electronic Baffle
1x Guidance Chips
1x Rage
1x Dengar
1x Kanan Jarrus
1x A Score to Settle/A Debt to Pay

And I'm looking for the following expansions. 

1 Raider
2 TIE Aggressor
3 Striker
2 Kihraxz (only need Glitterstimm as upgrades)
2 copies of G4H, but I only need the Kihraxz half. I also don't care on the paint scheme of the model, as I'll be repainting it anyways

If you have any of this, feel free to PM me!

Edited by Kaptin Krunch
edited again with some stuff that I managed to swap out

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Not quite sure how this whole thing works, and I am not entirely sure, but I might be able to trade a BMST for a K4, does that interest you, I know that it is a rather small trade, so I am not sure that shipping would make it actually worth it, but I might be interested id doing more to.

Just putting that out there.

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In the hunt for an Expertise and/or Rigged Cargo Chute w/token.  I have the following for trade along with standard upgrades:

AA Crackshot

AA Omega Leader

AA Engine Upgrade


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