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Baron Soontir Fel

The Big X-Wing Trade Thread

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Located: US



Numerous promo cards

3rd Party Acrylic (if interested PM to inquire on what)

Below FFG acrylic.

Proton Bombs 1    

Seismic Charge 5

Ion tokens (red on black) 11

Cloak tokens 5


Interested in:

FFG Green Focus Tokens

X-wing Regional Dice

X-wing Acrylic Target Locks

X-wing Acrylic Conner Nets

X-wing Acrylic Cluster Mines

Imperial Assault Regional Dice (already have 1 green, and 1 white)

Imperial Assault FFG acrylic

Others (just ask)



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USA - International is fine

Adaptability x 2
Mangler x 2

Engine Upgrade x 2

Juke x 3
Primed Thrusters x 2

Black Market Slicer Tools x2

Trick Shot

Dorsal Turret 

Kanan Jarrus



Comm Relay 

Autoblaster Turret

Integrated Astromech



Hotshot Copilot

Pattern Analyzer

Snap Shot

Burnout SLAM

Smuggling Compartment

Rigged Cargo Chute
TIE Advanced - Complete

TIE Interceptor - Complete

Y-Wing - Complete

Z-95 - Complete
Lots of other stuff too, if you have something I'm interested in, let me know what you're looking for!

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I am located in the US.  Everything is in unplayed condition.



AA Ten Numb (2014 Store Championship)

AA Darth Vader (2015 Winter Kit)

AA Soontir Fel (2015 Store Championship)

AA Boba Fett (2015 Regional Championship)

AA Inquisitor (2016 World Championship) (2 available)


Acrylic Ion (2016 Spring Kit) (3 tokens/pack) (2 packs available)

Acrylic Extra Munitions (2015 Winter Kit) (5 tokens/pack) (1 pack available)

Acrylic Stress (2016 Summer Kit) (3 tokens/pack) (2 packs available)

Acrylic Evade (2015 Summer Kit) (5 tokens/pack) (2 packs available)

Acrylic Focus (Dark Green) (2013 Regional) (One token only)


2016 World Championship Mini Card Binder (Red)



AA Wedge Antilles (English)

X-Wing Regional Dice (any year)

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-Alt Art Inquisitor

-Alt Art Soontir Fel



-Light Green Focus Tokens



-Push the Limit



-Alt Art Coran

-Alt Art Predator x8

-Summer Kit Tie Fighter Coin


Located in United States

Will trade of buy!


Sent you a personal message, would be cool if you responded. 

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Looking to swap upgrade cards



TIE / X1 Advanced Targeting Computer

Engine Upgrade Shield Upgrade Hull Upgrade Stealth Device Munitions Failsafe Tactical Jammer Guidance Chips Long-Range Scanners Targeting Computer Anti-Pursuit Lasers Accuracy Corrector Electronic Baffle Enhanced Scopes Heavy Laser Cannon Autoblaster Mangler Cannon Ion Cannon Tractor Beam Twin Laser Turret Ion Cannon Turret Autoblaster Turret Homing, Assault, Concussion, Cluster, Ion Pulse, Adv. Homing Missiles Ion, Proton, Flechette, Plasma Torpedoes Extra Munitions Proton Bombs Proximity Mines Seismic Charges Ion Bombs Predator Outmaneuver Push the Limit Lone Wolf Stay on Target Expert Handling Wired Deadeye Crackshot Adaptability Hot Shot Blaster Feedback Array Glitterstim Dead Man's Switch Inertial Dampeners K4 Security Droid Outlaw Tech 4-Lom Zuckuss Salvaged, R4, Unhinged, Overclocked Astromech TIE X7 TIE / D TIE Shuttle Gunner Weapons Engineer Mercenary Copilot BB-8 B-wing-E2 BTL-A4 Y-wing Chardaan Refit Bomb Loadout Y-wing



 Primed Thrusters Seismic Torpedoes Juke Snap Shot Veteran Instincts (Alt Art)   Tail Gunner 

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I have to report wonderfull trade with red_2. The cards came in goods shape and very fast. Actualy I wander if it goes 5 days from US to Prague CZ, why it takes 14 days from USPS hub in Europe :-)

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USA only, please.


T-65 X-Wing- opened, complete. Also comes with Biggs Darklighter alt. art card and Biggs Darklighter tile
A-Wing- opened,  complete. Also comes with Tycho Celchu alt. art card.
Y-Wing- opened,  complete
YT-2400- opened,  complete
Z-95- NIB
Z-95- NIB
E-Wing- NIB
TIE Phantom- NIB
TIE Punisher- NIB
TIE Defender- NIB
TIE Fighter FO- NIB





(looking for complete kits only)

Heroes of the Rebellion
Kihraxz Fighter
Autothruster upgrade cards- I'll take as many as I can get!
Any ships from wave 8 and up- will trade in your favor, and will take multiples, too!

I would also take a copy of Star Wars: Rebellion, too.

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Based in Czech Republic, but succesfully trading worldwide, already aces - more then 7 times confirmed trader.(page 73,76,78,80,81,87,91, 98)

Thank you



all english version

Promo Acrylic Tokens: Ion Tokens (Spring 2016)

AA Boba Fett Scums and Villainy 

AA Gunner (3x)

AA Recon Specialist 


Speciality: AA Hera (only available for 2x Engine Upgrade, its my bro's card)

Adrenaline Rush



Expert Handling


Tractor Beam

Enhanced Scopes 2x




Proton Torpedoes

Ion Torpedoes 2x

Advanced Homing Missiles 3x

Assault Missiles 2x

AA Gunner 3x

Recon Specialist 2x




Tycho Celchu pilot card and base insert

New Poe (HoTR) pilot card and base insert

Rey pilot card and base insert

Scourge pilot card

R2 Astromech x2

Dorsal Turret

Black One title






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